Trailblazer Creatives!

How to Write About Your Creative Project

  • Title
    Choose a magnetic headline for your review
  • What’s your niche?
    e.g. Vlogs, Author, Illustrator, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Online Courses
  • About yourself
    Think of some fun facts to make your introduction interesting.
  • How do you promote your work?
    What are some things which work (and things which don’t work) in selling your work? What are the marketing websites which you have found to be effective?
  • Blog/Website
    Please enter URL in the format:
  • YouTube Channel
    Please enter URL in the format:
  • Photo
    Please include an image for which you have full copyright only.Include an image which would spark an interest among viewers.

Submission Form

Write & save your story in a Google Doc or MS Word first – then copy/paste it in the following form


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