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About has been bringing together the creative community since 2015. We celebrate books, stories, entrepreneurs, artists and all visionary work.

How We Got Started?

good books and cups of tea was founded as a book review service. We review books, and interview the brightest and best authors. Our book review service is one of the most trusted in the industry.

While continuing to work with book writers, we also work with other creatives such as illustrators, vloggers and entrepreneurs.

Through our insightful reviews we challenge and champion creativity. We showcase creative works and bring them forth for book readers, consumers, art patrons. If you are in search for enjoyable books, illuminating art or inventive entrepreneurs you will love exploring

What is Our Goal?

To help you achieve your goals!

We highlight emerging and established talent and want to help creatives everywhere thrive. Authors, book bloggers, YouTube video creators, artists and illustrators will discover a gold mine of free templates and game-changing tools in These pro tools and resources on have been used successfully by our team to hugely grow social media subscribers and customers for our clients.

We are especially passionate about supporting independent creators like self-published authors, illustrators and solopreneurs who want to make a living from small business.

We Want You to Have Fun! creative magazine

You don’t necessarily need to travel to exotic places to discover new things. A nice book, a cup of tea, good music and a work of art ~ these can transport you instantly to a different magical world. We invite you to explore and discover the creative passions which may fire up your own creativity.


vibrant team of book reviewers

Team is a group of passionate creators and marketers. We are a vibrant team of copywriters, art lovers, SEO experts and children-at-heart!

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