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Zavesti Trailblazer Creatives!

zavesti trailblazer creatives

Trailblazer CreativesCreatives are individuals who influence people through their innate gifts and inventiveness. They help us perceive new dimensions in our lives.

Creatives could be YouTubers creating vlogs, bloggers, illustrators, writers or entrepreneurs.

Are you a creative? We invite you to share your story.

Please share stories of your own real-life experiences, including how you really got started, the lessons you have learned along the way,actionable advice & wisdom bombs, and practical selling & marketing tips which have worked for you, and which would help other budding creatives. These are the stories which go viral and would help attract traffic to your own sites.

This is a place for you to shout-out your blogs, vlogs, Etsy shops, art website and solopreneur projects. Let’s get started!

How to participate in the Trailblazer Creatives program
Step #1: Sign-in
using any social media channel.

Step #2: Post
Submit your story using the Trailblazer Creatives Post Form

Step #3: Share
Copy the following code snippet and paste it in your blog.

<a href=”” target=”_blank” > Zavesti Trailblazer Creative!</a>

Please also share the Trailblazer Creatives post you have just now created with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram followers. The team will also promote your Trailblazer Creatives post on our social media channels.


Please take a few minutes to write and post new content here. Please do not simply copy paste content from your blog or social media pages. We shall delete all content which is simply an exact copy of your content on your blog.

Please create content following the guidelines in the submission form page (i.e. a good headline, examples of how you promote your project, good photo). We will spotlight and promote if your post is written with the guidelines in the submission page.

We appreciate your support in keeping fresh and interesting for visitors.
Thank You 🙂