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Our Story

Founded in the 2009 timeframe, Zavesti had one mission – to help independent creators who had dared to break from the establishment.

We have worked with self published authors, bloggers, YouTubers, and freelance artists & illustrators.

In short, we absolutely love all independent creative entrepreneurs. Zavesti means passion. We are passionate about being independent of the conventional creative market.

We however realized that independent creators are not aware of the mechanics of selling. We, at Zavesti on the other hand have spent our lives in Fortune 500 companies. We are experts in the advertising, marketing and selling strategies which can be exploited to skyrocket sales quickly.

The Zavesti Inner circle is a group of active, current-day creators – bloggers, authors and illustrators – working together to help one another.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the power of big company strategies for the success of the independent creative entrepreneurs.

How to grow your book sales by 4 times within 6 months? How to fine tune your blog so it starts bringing in money?

The world is so full of strategies. We strive to distill them in bite size, practical, actionable steps for you. We give you what actually works.

The Inner Circle makes real world strategies available to you in the form of self-guided frameworks.

For a limited time, registration is free for Zavesti Inner Circle. Join in today, and get immediate access to the tools and resources we have put together for you!

Benefits of Joining Zavesti Inner Circle

When you claim your free membership for Zavesti Inner Circle, you get instant access to the internet’s best resources for bloggers, authors and artists.

  • How to write magnetic headlines
  • YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide – How to rank high in YouTube
  • How to grow your book sales
  • Digital Marketing self-assessment test
  • Top landing page examples for authors
  • How to actually make real money from your blog: A step by step guide
  • Option to post self-reviews on
  • Plus MANY more resources and tools
  • Social Exchange for Self Published Authors, YouTubers & Bloggers

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“The Zavesti team has created a scientific formula for selling books and promoting bloggers. Savvy book marketers know that selling has a predictable action path – you do the right things and the results will follow automatically. But, what are these right things? The answer to this question is exactly what Zavesti brings for book authors and book bloggers. ” Martin, Vlogger, NY