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Celebrating innovation, creation and entrepreneurship is Recognized as one of the Top 60 Book Marketing Blogs and Websites on FeedSpot in news is one of the “Top 60 Book Marketing Blogs and Websites” in the world!

The hand curated and verified Feedspot ranking lists the the best book marketing blogs from thousands of blogs on the web ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness. It is very heartwarming that Feedspot recognizes as one of the “Top 60 Book Marketing Blogs and Websites.”

Reflections on Feedspot

Feedspot has emerged as the internet’s go-to destination for the top blogs. As their About Us page explains, “Feedspot is a Content Reader. It helps you keep up with multiple websites in one place so that you need not visit each website to see what’s new. Feedspot makes keeping up with your favorite websites as easy as checking your email.”

It seeks to prevent information overload and provides some very easy tools such as a Content Reader, Email Digest and Brand Monitoring to let you track the content you enjoy. The content on Feedspot is carefully curated so the Feedspot directory that only high quality content is surfaced for you.

Its innovative spirit is apparent in how the Feedspot team continues to enhance the experience for its users through new products such as Organize Sites.

What I especially liked about Feedspot is how they seem to offer well qualified leads to customers. I am not surprised that their site claims 60K+ customer base. Their customers range include authors, lawyers, solopreneurs, startups and more. If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your business through a tangible and yet cost-effective advertising strategy, then Feedspot Media Contact Database product could be worthwhile checking out. Their prices ranges from $150 for a list of 150 bloggers to $250 for a full list of 300 bloggers.

What struck me was how they always try to over deliver. A happy customer noted, “Feedspot delivered to me twice the number of book blogger leads they had promised.”

Founded by Anuj Agarwal (who has a background in information technology and marketing) in 2012, has had a meteoric rise. It is admirable how Anuj has steered the company to emerge as a leader in the crowded world of internet marketing.

In Conclusion

We cherish entrepreneurs and companies that provide tangible deliverables. From what we observe Feedspot is one such company. As such inclusion of in the Feedspot ranking as one of the “Top 60 Book Marketing Blogs and Websites” is especially heartwarming.

Many thanks for visiting and reading this post and wishing you much success!