Zavesti Book Review & Author Promotion Service

At, our mission is to bring premium book promotion services at the lowest cost for self-published authors.

We take pride in publishing honest and fair reviews which bring visibility to independent authors. We also provide highly effective author promotion services to give an immediate boost to your book marketing. We try to keep our prices low since we know that self-published authors typically have a very small budget for book marketing expenses.

What is book review service? book review service is one of the most trusted review services in the publishing industry.

We connect with a volunteer reviewer who is available to review your book. This review will be featured on our high traffic website ( in the Spotlight category. We also request the reviewer to cross-post his/her reviews on other sites such as Goodreads, Amazon and LibraryThing. In addition, we shall promote this review on major social media groups.

Typically, our review will examine different aspects of your book and include an express delivery of 4-6 weeks. In such reviews, the reviewer shares in a conversational and positive way, what the book is about and what the reviewer thought of it.

Instead of simply writing a quick overview, we encourage the reviewer to focus on those elements in your book that will positively influence potential book buyers.

Our goal is to get high visibility for your book

The book review will leverage effective copywriting techniques to tell readers instantly what distinguishes this book using “magnetic phrases,” that you can then reuse in your own promotions. The reviews contain backlinks to your own author platform (e.g. your blog, website, facebook page) which would increase your search engine ranking making it easier for people to find your book on the internet. Review Service: Option 1

  • A 300+ word review (including author bio and cover art) will be posted on
  • Upto 3 dofollow links will be posted on – e.g. link to your author platform, book page and FB page.
  • You also get an invitation to join the Inner Circle and access hundreds of book marketing and blog promotion resources at
  • Cost: $75 USD, plus the cost of purchasing your book. Review Service: Option 2

  • Everything included in Option #1 plus the following.
  • After the book review is published we will send an invitation to you for an author’s interview on
  • We also provide one guest post slot to you, to promote your current or future book.
  • A review of your book may also be cross-posted on Amazon and GoodReads.
  • Your book will also be promoted on social media such as the Facebook page and large Facebook Book Groups, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Cost: $125 USD, plus the cost of purchasing your book.

How to Pay?

Please contact us through the contact page ( to request a paypal invoice which you can securely pay with credit card or paypal. Please indicate which review option you are interested in.

What Details to Submit with Your Review Request?

  • Please include links to your Amazon page & blog
  • Book title, a very short book summary, genre, length of work (pages and word count)
  • Target audience, target publication date
  • A short bio of yourself, and links to social media channels that you use to connect with readers.

In What format Do We Need the Book?

We shall purchase your book directly from the retailer (e.g.

Which genres are accepted?

Books in all genres are welcome. Please note that only English language books are accepted.

Do you accept both Indie authors and traditionally published books for reviews?


Turnaround Time for Book Review

The approximate time-frame for posting the review is within 3 weeks after receiving payment.

Fact Verification & Endorsement

Any review on this site is NOT an endorsement of the facts, beliefs and perspectives of the writer or producer of the work (books, products etc.) that is reviewed. The reviews are meant to be a high-level first look at the work from an artistic, literary or entertainment point of view, rather than a serious verification of the work’s authenticity or correctness.

Refund Policy

Once a book review is purchased we are not able to refund the author or publisher. Refunds are only given if a review can not be published because of unforeseen circumstances.

Summary of book review service

The reviews are written in a conversational style and are not meant to be proof-readings or literary critiques.

The payment is to compensate for the time, and effort we put into finding and connecting with qualified volunteer reviewers, and for promoting your book. All reviews are honest and uninfluenced, which means that whether these reviews are positive or negative is determined by the quality of your book. A review is a candid reflection of exactly how the reviewer feels after reading your book. However we do not wish to publish negative reviews, and we encourage reviewers to focus on what’s positive.

We are positive that review service will help in your book promotion. The reviewers we connect with are book lovers, writers, content strategists, and bloggers, and we bring this combined pool of experience for you. We guarantee to put in our best efforts for you.

Get Your Book Reviewed!

Please contact us through the contact page ( to request a paypal invoice which you can securely pay with credit card or paypal. Please indicate which review option you are interested in.