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zavesti book promotion and author marketingThe Zavesti Author Spotlight program is for you if you are a self-published author looking to promote your Amazon Kindle or Paperback books. Authors who are published elsewhere (e.g. other publishers like Nook etc.) are also welcome.

What is the “Zavesti Author Spotlight” Program?

We are inviting 100 authors to be “spotlighted” on In addition to, abstracts of your spotlight will also be posted on zavesti social media channels and promoted on book clubs. Your book may also be reviewed on Amazon, Facebook or Goodreads.

Is it free?

Yes, completely free.

What is is a marketing resource site for independent creators. We bring real, game-changing strategies to promote your book and boost your brand at the lowest cost possible.

Why is doing this?

The Zavesti Author Spotlight program has two goals:

  1. Benefits For Participating Authors

    The Zavesti Author Spotlight is designed to boost your author branding and book marketing efforts.

    You get SEO & link juice (permanent dofollow links) for your author platform (e.g. website, blog, social media channel), reviews (e.g. reviews, Goodreads), social media visibility (Facebook, Pinterest & YouTube) and mentions in book clubs. We can guarantee this will ignite interest in your creative works.

  2. Benefits for

    Many subscribers are book readers, freelance illustrators, budding authors and bloggers who are searching for mentors. Your success stories and tips will inspire our visitors.

    Win-Win Program

    This is meant to be a win-win program for both the participating authors and visitors. We neither charge you for this service, nor do we charge our visitors to view your spotlight.

What are some example spotlights?

Please visit this link to see examples of entrepreneurs and creative individuals who have participated in the spotlight program in the past:

How do you participate in the program?

You can participate in three simple steps.

  1. Sign-in to – one-click sign-in using Google or Facebook
  2. Complete this short questionnaire: Your post will be immediately live on
  3. Please post a note on your own blog pointing to your post on We will further promote your post on book clubs, Zavesti social media channels. Optionally, contact us if you would like to be reviewed on or Goodreads (we do NOT charge for reviews).


Despite the plethora of Facebook writers groups and online book marketing resources – there isn’t an easy and effective way for authors to promote their books and boost their brand. continues to develop online frameworks for author promotion and book marketing to help self-published authors.

I encourage you to take advantage of the Zavesti Author Spotlight program.

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