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Women Entering Workforce For The First Time



Adopt a phased approach
  1. Look for part-time or temp positions through temporary agencies. Many of them have temp – to perm positions.

  2. Look for entry level positions in companies as sales rep, short order cooks, barista, cashier, shop associates etc – you can rise up to be a manager there in a year – and then from there you can go for a better job in a mainstream company.

Not sure about career goal

Search for part-time or short term contract opportunity in the field you are interested in.

This lets you try out your career goal without any risk. If you truly enjoy that part-time work, you can think of additional training or certifications and look for full time career in that area.

No previous relevant experience
  1. Create your resume – highlight your accomplishments from your personal life (organized parties, events etc) or volunteer work /internships.

  2. Here are some excerpts from the resume of a housewife applying for a job for the first time in her life:

    • Fundraising: Secured $50,000 through aid solicitations, effective donor events and partnership building with local businesses and government organisations. Required effective presentation skills and creative salesmanship.

    • Proven Training Skills: Trained and led a team of three volunteers for the fundraising program. Able to visualize the big picture to guide and motivate the team and delegate tasks effectively.

    • Experienced Project Manager: Planned and directed successful projects; managed costs and schedule of the project while guiding a team of 3 people towards the ultimate success of the project.

  3. Then, in the experience section expand on these accomplishments with specific details. Forexample the wedding you had organized led to your project management experience etc.

No References

Ask your family friends, teachers, organizers of your community/religious groups to be references- they can vouch for you as someone who is intelligent and has integrity and energy.