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Entertaining and Useful: 2021 Winter Magazine Brings a LOT of Goodies for You

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Hello! It’s great to connect with you in the beginning of the festive season. We want to share our best wishes and introduce you to our 2021 Winter Magazine.

What is the 2021 Winter Magazine?

Think of 2021 Winter Magazine as a goodie bag with a curation of the best free entertaining posts and practical tools that we have created in the recent months. We are confident you will love at least some of these goodies.

At we celebrate a wide range of creative endeavors. We love book readers, authors, vloggers, bloggers, artists and entrepreneurs. We also support those who need to follow a more structured employment path in the form of corporate careers. And all of us are multi-dimensional souls. A book author may also be a watercolorist while an entrepreneur may be an avid book reader. As such I think you would find the following to be useful and enjoyable regardless of your vocation or primary interest areas.

For the Book Reader in you

book reader enjoying a book

The 14 Best Books for Cozy Winter Evenings: 2021 Book Recommendations: I am positive you would love our reviews. All these books are truly enjoyable.

The authors in the book recommendations above are some of the best contemporary writers that I have read. I enjoyed each of these books and have no hesitation in saying that you will not be disappointed in any of them.

For the Entrepreneur in you

entrepreneur interviews
5 Successful and Inspiring Entrepreneurs and their Stories: You don’t need to invent a cool widget to be a successful entrepreneur. Nor do you have to be a marketing wiz or a fast talking sales guy. By doing normal everyday things well, you can be very successful. We love interviewing entrepreneurs!

For the Artist in you

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We know you would love some of these great art related posts and art book reviews:

To help you find your dream job

job search made easy

A free and innovative job search strategy (Career Development Toolkit= Smart Search + Killer Profile + Winning Interview): This is not a quick resume template or a set of magic interview tips.

This is a complete step by step program – we believe it is the absolute best way to find a new job or progress to the next steps in your career, whether you are a beginner or an executive.

If you are an entrepreneur you would still benefit from the sections such as creating your elevator pitch:

You can use the Career Development Toolkit in many ways. If you are artist preparing your pitch for the art directors, then take a look at the Elevator Pitch cheatsheet. If you are an entrepreneur preparing for a presentation with a venture capital firm, you would find amazing resources and practical tips in the Winning Interview section of the Career Development Toolkit. If you are an executive looking to find a higher paying role then checkout the Killer Profile. And of course, if you are hunting for your next job then everything in the toolkit would come in handy for you.

Unlike snazzy resume builders or random tips, the Career Development Toolkit is timeless and proven way of finding and winning any job opportunity.

When you want to curl up with a book…

The HUGE list of free book download sites. My challenge to you 🙂 tell me if I have missed any good site! I think you will find at least one good free book (or even a free movie) out of this giant list

The above list of free books also has hidden gems such as free movies and hard to find recordings. If you are faced with a lonely weekend night with only a hot cocoa for company, you can liven it up with a free book or movie from one of the above sites in the above list.

Not sure? Unleash your creativity however you like ~ writers, painters, readers and entrepreneurs ~ There’s something here for everyone

creative people at work

A Catalog of All Content on This year, we have ungated our entire content! No registration required! Everything free for everyone.

You will find some incredibly useful content in the above catalog. Give a punch to your YouTube videos with the #1 vlog script guide (according to Google Search Ranking), write a captivating short story or blog post with the Amazing Story Template or start a blog this winter season.

If you are an author then find book reviewers to increase the sales of your book and bring in some money.

We even have insider stories of how you can monetize your blog and actually sell more books instead of just targeting the empty glamour of amazon rankings.

In parting…

In this world full of sensational news designed to make you tense, our goal is to offer useful, relaxing and enjoyable content on, and especially in this post which we have titled as our ‘winter magazine’. I hope you get a chance to take a break, slow down a bit and relax in the holiday season.


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