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When is it time to teach your kids about the facts of life?

A lot of people are scared and confused about what and what not to teach their children at a particular age or stage of their life. Am fully aware of how necessary it is to be careful of what your children learn at their tender age because that is what they will grow with or turn out to become later in life if they weren’t changed.

Most people ask this question, “How do you know when it’s time to teach your kids about the facts of life?” From what I witnessed and observed in the society, I don’t think there is any perfect time to teach your kids about the facts of life, especially the vital things which is their Spiritual life(religion and moral values) social life( love life,society, family and friends)  and financial life(career, profession), they all need to balanced and not deficient in one. I believe the best way is just to follow your kids according to their age and what they know in order to correct and teach them what you want them to know about life and this involves free communication with your kids. And if you don’t create that atmosphere for discussion or avoid letting them know your opinion on whatever topic because you feel is not necessary then you’re giving room for peer influence and some other things.  Teach a child to choose the right path,and when he is older he will remain upon it proverb 22:6. Even the bible recognises this fact of nurturing a child tenderly because that’s when a child’s attitudes and characters are shaped.

Honestly am not surprised to hear someone say, ” am not ready to be a parent yet or am scared of what my children will become in future “and so many other comments because is not easy to nurture a child without trying to make decisions you feel that are best for your child in order to avoid making mistakes about your child’s life that she will regret and blame you later in future. For example, I noticed that most parents don’t teach their children about sex education because they feel they don’t want to spoil their children so they are not comfortable discussing that, but the truth still remains that it is necessary to avoid wrong perceptions. Obviously, whether you teach them or not they will get to know about that somewhere else or somebody else, and I feel is better they get that knowledge from their parents earlier in life for them to be careful than making mistakes act of ignorance.

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Finally, i don’t have much to say neither do i want to keep writing or bore you with words  because i feel this article is clear and concise. Am ending this article with my last comment,”keep teaching and keep learning, it never ends.”