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Grow Your YouTube Channel: The Vlog Toolkit

vlog toolkit


“Our goal is to have YouTube on every screen – to take it from the PC to the living room and the mobile phone.” – Steve Chen, YouTube Co-Founder

YouTube certainly has become ubiquitous. A large number of subscribers on YouTube gives you powerful influencer muscle. But how do you run your channel without going crazy?

We have compiled here our best vlogging resources for you to download and use. Most of these resources can be used both for blogs and Vlogs.

You can use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google to sign-in and download any (or all) of these assets.

YouTube SEO Guide

Download Free the Latest YouTube SEO Strategies Book, YouTube SEO Demystified: The 16 hot hacks in this book list the SEO optimizations you can “bake” into each of your videos very easily & quickly. Use this book as a handy checklist whenever you post your video.
YouTube Vlog SEO

In addition to the YouTube SEO Book, the also gives you this killer Vlog SEO post. This YouTube SEO post explains the most effective ways of optimizing your YouTube videos – The Ultimate Guide: YouTube SEO Tutorial for VLoggers :

Vlog Content Planners

The following planners can be used for both vlogs and blogs.

Vlog Script Guide

How to Write Blogs & Vlog Scripts: A Step by Step Guide for Bloggers:

Power Your Personal Brand with a Great YouTube Channel Profile

How to Create a Winning Image for Yourself on Social Media:

Vlog Titles

How to Write Attention Grabbing Video Titles, Blog Headlines & Book Names:

Vlog Topics

How to Come Up with Amazing New Video Ideas for YouTube: The ONE & ONLY Strategy You Need:

Video Making Tools

Should You Use Swear Words in Your Vlog?

The best storytellers freely express their feelings with sharp wit, but don’t need four letter words. Unless you are Bradley Cooper in “A Star is Born,” stay away from the f-word. Then there are certain words which are sure to get you either banned from YouTube or demonetized. Racial slurs, disparaging content, and malicious or hateful language directed at a person or specific group of people are a complete no-no on YouTube. While f-words are allowed on YouTube, I, however, challenge you to make your vlog scripts powerful enough without the need for injecting four-letter words.

When you start falling back on swear words and senseless antics, you know that you are struggling to make your vlog attractive. The strong do not need to swear.

The Blogger Trailmap: How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level in Easy Steps

The Blogger Trailmap by Chivi Frost is a concise guide packed with pro tips which will transform you into a seasoned blogger very quickly: Though the title says “blogger,” vloggers too will find a wealth of practical tips in it.
The Blogger Trailmap


The assets in this “YouTube Channel Toolkit” will make it easy for you to create great vlogs. If you liked these assets, please also check out the many more tools and services available for you: Services & Tools to Promote Your Book or Blog: