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Top Dog technique For Answering Questions

Top Dog Technique For Answering Questions

Every answer should have 4 sentences. Remember to keep your complete answer concise.

I: Position

Answer the question with your viewpoint. This is your position.

2. Reason

State the reason why you think so.

3. Example

Share an example which illustrates your position.

4. Position

Restate your position again in conclusion.

An example of the Top Dog Technique.

Question: Do you think global warming is a real problem today?


  1. Position: Yes, I believe global warming is a serious issue today.

  2. Reason: Climate change due to increasing temperature is unbalancing the environment and UN reports show that many countries have incurred costs upto 20% of the GDP to counter these effects.

  3. Example: As an example, we see more frequent occurance of droughts and famine in many countries in Asia and Africa.

  4. Restate Position: I defintely believe that global warming is a real issue which we need to be aware of today.