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Tools To Research People

6 Important things you should find out about your interviewer

  1. What is his vision, goals, main initiatives, key projects and the things he loves? What doeshe see as strengths and weaknesses in other people?

  2. What does he look for in the people he interviews? How would he see you – according to your contact?

  3. Ask a little about company politics and people will open up and give you valuable information – What kind of manager is he? Does he protect his people? Is he a political animal? What is his pet peeve?

  4. What is the hiring manager’s position in the company’s organisational structure? How much influence does he have in making decisions?

  5. Is he a strategic thinker or simply a micro-managing routine work man? What would he list as his top achievements? Is he agggresive or easy going? Is he ambitious – about what?

  6. What is the name and phone number of the hiring manager’s assistant? You can even find out this information by calling the switchboard.


  • If you search for someone on social media, that person is quite likely to know that you looked at his profile. Facebook, linkedin have the feature – “see who has viewed your profile”

  • Do NOT pay money to find any information. There are enough free tools to give you the information you need.

01. Let’s start with the basic tools

1: Start with google

2: Use the power of LinkedIn

Toolkit: Find using Linkedin advanced search

3: Find on facebook

You can also use facebook to locate someone’s phone number (& eMail) if they are in your friend list.

02. Powerful tools to find information about people

  1. Very detailed info

  2. Largely a person’s work related information

  3. Searches a person in many places for you

  4. Largely a person’s work related information

  5. Includes mobile and voice features

  6. Searches many directories for phone numbers. You need to install the free home edition on your laptop.

  7. Searches many places to find your somebody

  8. Business & People Search in US & Canada

03. Additional tools if you have spare time on your hand

  1. Twitter search would be useful only for young professionals. Not many people in senior management use twitter.
    Do people search on twitter

  2. People and their addresses/phone etc

  3. Searches 25 different services to find what you are looking for.
    New Ultimates

  4. People Search & Public Records

  5. You need to register and write a short note about your company. Then GlassDoor lets you see what other people have written about other people. Use this only if you have lots of time on your hand.

  6. Information about local businesses. Not really a great people search tool

  7. May give interesting results about the people