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These Four People Can Help Your One-Woman Business Thrive

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Atlas aside, there are few who can shoulder the burdens of the world. When your burden is a small business, there are many people who can help you carry the load and make certain that your efforts are not in vain. Even if you are a solo entrepreneur, you do not have to run your business without help. Here are four freelancers you can’t afford not to have a relationship with.

A Web Developer

When your business needs a website — and it does — you should know that not all programming languages are created equally. Some languages are outdated and are barely compatible with modern browsers. And many of the DIY drag-and-drop website building tools don’t allow for customization. It can take years to learn how to write code. Simply put: It is cheaper and faster to outsource this important task. Find HTML5 freelancers who understand the subtle nuances of the language to help create dynamic web and mobile sites that incorporate both audio and video. This individual can also handle everything from creating data tables to linking your website with your YouTube, Facebook, and other social media pages. Your developer will ultimately give you a user-friendly site that makes you more accessible to your customers, and that will boost your bottom line.

A Social Media Manager

Speaking of social media, you need someone in your corner who is familiar with all forms and knows how to curate custom content for your customer base. Chances are, you don’t have time to do this on your own, and the time you do have is best spent ensuring your products and services are on point. Marketing expert Neil Patel explains that social media marketing is more than just posting a Facebook status; instead, it relies on ingenuity and, in many cases, paid boosting. Your social media manager will know where your funds are best spent so that you aren’t draining your revenue on pointless advertising.

A Business Consultant

Even as an individual who runs a business without employees, you can benefit from having an expert in your corner. You may know your product, but the ins and outs of business management, accounting, and other professional obligations is another beast entirely. As the National Center for the Middle Market notes, there are many types of business consultants. An IT consultant, for example, can work with your web developer to ensure that your inventory system and client database can communicate with your website. A strategy consultant can help you evaluate your overall capabilities so that you can position yourself for future growth.

A Virtual Assistant

As we’ve already asserted, you cannot do it all, at least, you cannot be efficient at all things all the time. There is no shame in admitting this and finding someone who can take up the slack. A freelance virtual assistant can do things like respond to emails, research potential new products, and answer the phone when you are unavailable or otherwise preoccupied. A virtual assistant is much cheaper than hiring an on-site employee, and because you have a freelance/contract agreement, the laws surrounding your relationship are much simpler to decipher compared to having a traditional employee/employer set up.

These individuals utilize their expertise and knowledge of new technology to help you be the best solopreneur that you can be. And, by hiring a freelance, remote staff, you are not obligated to continue your relationship if they do not work out, and you do not have to provide an office, insurance, or other perks.

Owning a business is a big responsibility that can’t be put on the backburner. However, by spreading out the work, you can also focus on the other aspects of your life that matter just as much. Thankfully, sharing the load doesn’t mean you have to hire sometime full-time, and your freelance help can put their expertise where you need it most.

This is a guest post sent by mail. Many thanks to Courtney Rosenfeld for authoring this guest post!