The Ten Secrets about Treadmill Only a Handful of People Know

Working out in order to get fit and to keep lifestyle diseases at bay has become an inherent part of every individual’s daily routine. Now with increasing responsibilities, everyone is bounded by time and therefore might not be able to visit gyms regularly or even at all. One workout equipment that is the most easily recognizable and the most frequented by fitness enthusiasts is undoubtedly the treadmill.  Most of the facts about treadmills are widely known so I will list down 10 lesser-known secrets regarding treadmills that might burst certain myths and change your workout game altogether.

  1. Right way to run

One of the secrets which most treadmill users might be unawares of is that running on a treadmill is no different from running outside on ground. The method should not change here. It is a machine and surely it takes time to get accustomed to running on it but one must remember that this equipment is designed to provide the benefit of running indoors and it is not to be done in a different manner than it is to be done on a regular surface. Therefore, you must abstain from holding onto the handrails and keep your arms and hands free. In this way you can avail the benefits of treadmill running to its fullest.

  1. Warming-up

Before you hop on to the treadmill in order to sweat it out, your body must be made ready for that intensive bout of running. Warming up before the treadmill run prevents the body from sprains and shocks that might get caused due to immediate physical exertion. Most people overlook this aspect before running on treadmills and thus it remains a secret of the treadmill world.

  1. Tortoise start

 Start like a tortoise before turning into a rabbit. Keeping the speed minimum and then after a considerable time when you get acquainted to the rhythm of the treadmill maximize the speed. This would cause the body to perform well and reach the desired results without any physical injuries or muscle sprains.

  1. Playing around

Most people see treadmills as being monotonous in their use. Users do not see beyond its function of fast and slow running. Whereas treadmills can be ever runner’s dream equipment if put to best use. Here lies another secret of the treadmill world. Changing the inclination scale of the treadmill can help in burning those extra calories. Thus, even if you are unable to access a hilly terrain for running, you can easily do it on a treadmill.  There are other ways of burning those calories efficaciously. Some being-


  • Keeping track of the pulse and heart rate on the screen provided on the treadmill
  • Some treadmills have already installed programmed workouts in their system. Asking your trainer about it will enable this function for you.


  1. Excellent cardio training

Working out on a treadmill has several benefits one of them being cardio training. Treadmill has several options available for those looking for getting their hearts pumping. Heart is a muscle and like any other muscle in our body needs to stay fit in order to work well. The pop diva Taylor Swift too indulges in working out on a treadmill whenever she is on her music tours.

  1. Correct posture

No matter how hard you try or how many hours you spend on the treadmill it is not going to help you if your posture is not right. Maintaining the right body posture is very important or else it might affect your health. So, while walking or running on a treadmill it is required to keep your eyes on front rather than looking down, move your arms along, and keep the back straight. These are certain points which might get missed if not researched properly.

  1. Downhill slope

Some treadmills also offer the option for downhill running which helps the body get used to downhill terrains. But not all treadmills are vested with this feature, so it is advisable to thoroughly check yours before buying.

  1. Outdoors versus indoors

It is often brought to the treadmill’s disadvantage that running outside is much of an adventure and a soothing affair than running on a treadmill. But what lies hidden is another secret to working on a treadmill. Though running outside has its own adventures but one advantage that treadmills have over it is that there are no obstacles like traffics and uneven terrain. One can take part in pure running and improve one’s experience by adjusting the various workout programs on it. In this way more calories get burnt in lesser time and more distance gets covered when compared to running outdoors.

  1. Overall health

One of the most underrated points such that it can well be classified as a secret is that working on treadmills can help improve one’s mental as well as physical health. Now, it is well known that treadmills are a runner’s paradise but what only a handful of people would know is that it aids in the development of one’s bone density thus helping one combat various diseases. Another help rendered by treadmills are that they allow one to focus primarily on running which helps one build concentration and release endorphins which help in fighting anxiety and stress.

  1. Training purpose

Biggest secret that need to be told regarding treadmill workouts is that those looking to ace marathons and races can get experienced and trained there. If analyzed closely running a marathon is about concentration and the never say die spirit. And running on treadmills provide one with ample time to build up their mental prowess and concentration along with stamina growth.


Often considered a boring alternative to running outside, treadmills come with their own bagful of secrets. They offer innumerable workout options which the user can adjust accordingly. It is for its benefits that it remains a favorite workout option among celebrities. As Cher, the goddess of American pop, once said, “Nothing lifts me out of a bad mood better than a hard workout on my treadmill. It never fails…”

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