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The RayBright Caper (A Kirbi Mack Novel Book 1): A Thoroughly Enjoyable Crime Thriller


The RayBright Caper by B. B. Teeter is the book to read when you want a gripping crime thriller to take your mind off everything else. I loved this book and it kept me up till 3:00 AM on a Friday night. The characters are vividly alive, and the pace is expertly handled. Usually I am tempted to flip to the last page and ‘get done with the mystery,’ but Teeter tells his story in such an immersive way that I felt as if the story was unfolding right before my eyes and every page was a true delight to read.

Summary of the Book, The RayBright Caper by B. B. Teeter

Two slick criminals set out to steal a secret item from a San Diego defense research lab, and things seem to be going their way. Then the company brings in a freelance security consultant Kirbi Mack. Young, female, and biracial, she’s used to not being taken seriously at first. But very soon, it starts becoming obvious to everyone why she has such a formidable reputation.

And yet the thieves force Kirbi to the maximum of her limits. The wily thieves are fiendishly clever but then so is Kirby. Not only is her professional reputation at stake–maybe in the end even her life. Kirbi will need to keep her head if she’s to survive.

I won’t reveal how the plot thickens in this mazey mystery, but I can assure you that the book is full of heart pounding moments with unexpected twists and betrayals.

What Makes The RayBright Caper to be a Thoroughly Enjoyable Crime Thriller?

This is not a dark and gloomy psychological thriller which will give you the heebie-jeebies. Despite the thievery and deaths, the convincingly plotted story is handled with a light touch by B. B. Teeter. The humour may be gentle but it is acute. Instead of despair and gloom, I felt entertained by the laugh-aloud quirky ways of Stanko, the idiomatic and immersive writing style and conversations that crackle. The last attribute – great dialogue – is something I really love in a book and B. B. Teeter always keeps the dialogue fresh.

This easy-reading and intriguing mystery has memorable characters and a solid plot which feels fully real. Kirby Mack as a striking lead character manages to be both traditional and original. She is intense and yet she is also earnest and endearing. We find ourselves rooting for her she sets about deciphering the baffling goings on in the company. The reaction of the criminal when confronted by Kirby is pure genius. Teeter is an immensely talented author with a spare, concise style that doesn’t waste a word and yet keeps you completely engrossed.

The RayBright Caper by B. B. Teeter is a must for all crime fiction aficionados. Murder, secrets, revenge, and just a touch of romance combine in this fascinating whodunit complete with red herrings and unexpected twists.

This book is sure to keep you gripped until the very last page. Just don’t read this thoroughly enjoyable crime thriller on a bus. You are likely to miss your bus stop!

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About the Author: B. B. Teeter

Mr. B. B. Teeter is the author of The RayBright Caper (2012), An Honest Mistake (2014), and Circling the Drain (2017). Though ensemble novels, they center on smalltime San Diego security consultant Kirbi Mack.

He grew up in New York State, but lived most of his adult life on the West Coast. He spent five years in Alaska, another thirty in the San Diego area, and now makes his home in Las Vegas.

Mr Teeter book author Teeter studied liberal arts in college and is a military veteran. He has worked in bookstores, in sales, as a bureaucrat, as a housepainter, and for a large Indian casino in Southern California. In 2011, when the casino downsized, he was offered a buyout. He took that buyout, and retired early: to write crime fiction. He considers it the best decision he ever made.

If not at his desk writing, he can likely be found noodling on a guitar, or else walking on his treadmill, where he likes to read and watch movies.

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