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The Forge by Pokematic NoLastName (Author), Crichton D. Scholar (Illustrator)

the forge by pokematic

The Forge: Hilarious Chaos & Immensely Enjoyable

I have only read a part of the book and yet I thought it deserves a shoutout immediately. I found myself wishing that I could go and watch a play based on this book.

The Forge written by Pokematic is a fun drama centered around girls who decide to rebel against their daily laundry list of chores and have a party. The next day the dictatorial uncle France is baffled that all the housework is still waiting while the girls are nowhere to be seen. I am yet to read what follows, but I am guessing that uncle France is not really mean and is a kindly old man and the girls can twirl him around.

A lively and imaginative take on the ‘witch hunt,’ promises mischievous fun with real witches and all sorts of wheeling and dealings.

Pokematic has a very quirky writing style that makes the book enjoyable to read. The illustrations are really laugh aloud funny.

Meet The Author: Pokematic




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Closing Thoughts

While the kindle edition of The Forge is great, I hope this also gets adapted as an audio book with multiple voices. It would be just amazing to hear the action played out in audio.

The book description says 14 to 18 year old but really any age group would enjoy it. The book serves as a serene escape for adults amidst the overwhelming news of mainstream media. For younger kids, kindle book’s features like “Word Wise” would make it easy to understand.

I would certainly recommend that you try this book (The Forge by Pokematic) either by using your digital credits on Amazon or simply purchasing directly. I think you would enjoy it. It’s a five star book in my opinion.