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The Crimson Deathbringer

“Who am I? I am Spiderman.”

Well, not really, but this should tell you all you need to know about me and my writing style.

I’m a huge Marvel (plus Game of Thrones, Star Trek AND Star Wars) fan, which shows since my novel is loaded with pop culture references. If you are a sci-fi fan (I assume that you are, otherwise what are you doing here?) you will enjoy them tremendously. I even went full Deadpool in my first draft and broke the fourth wall multiple times, until my editor told it was distracting and kept taking her out of the moment. Shame. Those fourth-wall breaks were hilarious. Still, I can guarantee a few laugh-out-loud moments. Case in point: The “good” aliens in my novel are a race of pranksters, whose main goal in life is pulling other people’s legs (They have four legs, hence the slight change in the idiom). My favorite author is Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files), which is probably how I ended up writing in a first-person POV with the same light-hearted, funny tone as he does. The fact that my MC’s name is Jim is purely coincidental though.

I am a university/college level English teacher, and including Canada, I have lived and worked in five different countries. I have met people from all around the world. Plus, my parents are from a different background, and so is my wife. As a result, diversity has become a major theme in my novel. My characters look like the bridge crew from Star Trek. One of my female characters even impersonated Uhura once, albeit posthumously.

My book is a sci-fi novel called The Crimson Deathbringer. You can find her here:

And here:

One week after her release, The Crimson Deathbringer was No. 1 on Amazon Hot New Releases list, ahead of two Star Wars novels (have a look at the photo I have posted under “about the author”).  She kept trading places with them as either No 1 or No 2 for the entire first month of her life, finishing strongly on top spot for the last five days of the official 30-day “new release” period, a fact about which I constantly bragged on social media.  My “I’ve been asked to write the script fort he new Star Wars movie because of this” tweet went viral, and apparently a lot of people took it seriously because I received several “really?” and “congratulations!”messages. I bet my other tweets (“Eat dirt, Star Wars! No, Don’t. Seriously. I still love you.” And “Yes we can!!”) made more than a few people laugh too.

As a Star Wars fan myself, I’m going to proud of the fact that my little indie novel competed against (and won) not one but two Star Warsbooks until I die. It’s been an honor.

TCD didn’t just stop there: She kept steadily climbing the Amazon bestseller list, a fact that I celebrated on social media by posts/tweets like (depending on my bestseller rank) “Mambo No. 5”, “I Am No. 4” (like the movie) and “Say Hello to your New Amazon Bestselling Author Friend” with the photo of Al Pacino and his little friend (when The Crimson Deathbringer became a No. bestseller both on Amazon US & UK).
 Few things in life make me as happy as when people who read my book send me messages telling me how much they liked her. I’m eternally grateful to everyone who gave The Crimson Deathbringer  (long may she reign) a chance. I hope all you guys live long and prosper.
Note from team
We asked Sean, “What’s a good book promotion site that you liked?” Sean mentioned that he found the All Author site to be quite useful in book promotion. Here is the link to the site if you want to check it out:

Check out Sean’s bestseller on Amazon:

Sean Robins has a very cool book landing page which you can visit here:

We take our hats off to Sean for not only writing an amazing book, but also doing great things to promote his book. A true inspiration for every writer!