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The Blogger Trailmap: A Guidebook for Bloggers, YouTubers & Podcasters

Whom is this book for?

For both beginner bloggers & Veterans

This book is for you if you are looking to start, or grow an existing blog about: travel, lifestyle, food & cooking, spirituality, fashion, technology, corporate, marketing, real estate or any other topic.

If you run a YouTube channel or do podcasts, you will find this book invaluable as well.

I Just Want to Start a Blog

All the Jargon & Buzzwords Sound So Complex

You said it! The goal of the book is to get you started on the right foot with a simple blog. Then, when you are ready to grow, successive chapters give you the tools and guidance you need to progress at your own pace.

Many people who start a blog would forever want to keep it sweet and simple. Others may want to explore growing it to make money. The Blogger Trailmap provides help for both kinds of bloggers.

The most important thing is to start without getting bogged down with all the buzzwords.

Is The blogger Trailmap both for bloggers & YouTubers?

Yes! Your medium of communication may be different – text vs sound vs video. Yet, the fundamental principles of content marketing apply to all those mediums.

How to create a magnetic headline, craft hyper-targeted messages and cultivate your brand image – all these are critical components of any medium – blog or video or podcast.

Going one step further, The Blogger Trailmap, weaves all the crucial blogging activities into a practical gameplan for you, so you have a methodical path to make your blog successful and profitable.

What is a blog?

According to The Blogger Trailmap, a blog is the sum of your online presence. This book helps you identify major and minor focus areas in a multi-medium strategy, so you don’t burn yourself out while exploiting various mediums like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Channel to complement your blog.

The Blogger Trailmap

How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level in Easy Steps

About the Book

If you want to start your blog, or promote an existing blog, you would LOVE this book. The Blogger Trailmap is short & sweet – and yet it opens up for you, the real secrets of pro bloggers. Even if you have seen every book & course on “how to blog”, this concise guide will surprise you with game-changing ideas. The Blogger Trailmap is meant to be an action-oriented companion on your blogging journey with links to 20+ free tools, templates and resources which were specially created by the team to support this book.

The most wonderful things is that your blogging journey is mapped out in a fun and easy to implement manner. You will be on your way to amazing success very quickly with The Blogger Trailmap as your friendly, companion guide.

About the Author

Chivi Frost is a veteran blog strategist and content marketing expert. Over the last 10+ years Chivi has been helping Fortune 500 companies in establishing hugely successful customer communities through blogs and other social media channels. Chivi works as a content advisor for This book is part of a project by to create resources for independent entrepreneurs, especially self-published authors, bloggers, vloggers and freelance illustrators.

How to Buy

The Blogger Trailmap is available on Amazon:

Is this Book for Beginners or Established Bloggers?

“The Blogger Trailmap” is a great guide, both for beginners who are about to start a blog, as well as those bloggers who are established and ready to grow.

This book brings for you a proven plan, tools & templates you need for incredible success. This power-packed concise guide can help you in many ways:

  • Templates to set clear goals and craft a blogging roadmap, avoid common mistakes, and how to get started quickly.
  • With a focus on action, this book brings for you the tools, templates, and checklists to help you quickly Implement what you learn in every section of the book.
  • Gives you a proven framework for creating content which people would love to read and share.
  • Simplifies every critical aspect of a blog – e.g. Magnetic Headlines, Copywriting, Swipe Files SEO, Sales Funnel, Landing Page and email Harvest.
  • Crush it on social media without going crazy – Build a list of raving fans and subscribers on autopilot without constant hustling.
  • Secrets to rank high in search engines with SEO best practices so that you can grow your traffic and get readers to come find you.
  • An easy-to-follow, systematic process to make money through your blog & grow your business.
  • Above all, you will learn that you don’t need fancy tech or cool tricks to grow your blog!
  • Whether you are a hobby blogger or blogging for profit, I am confident that this book would give you game-changing ideas to make your blog more meaningful and hugely successful.

What does the Book NOT Offer?

This is not a book containing technical details for setting up WordPress, or choosing a domain name or signing up with a hosting provider. In resources section, there are clearly explained posts on such details and I have included links to such resources, templates and guides in appropriate sections in the book. I thought that there is no point in puffing up the book with information which is freely available on the internet or on

Instead of giving you text-book advice, my goal is to strip down the book to only the transformative, game-changing details.

Behind the Scenes: The Story of the Book

The story of this book begins in the early 2000s when I worked a 9 to 5 office job. I didn’t really hate my desk job. I was very good at my job and enjoyed it, at least initially. What I didn’t like was building someone else’s dream. I didn’t like being worried about job security, having to ingratiate myself with my manager for bonuses and being tied to a desk.

When the internet started to shatter the limitations of the established job culture, I was drawn to it, like a bee to a honey drop. I was entranced by the possibility of no longer having to depend on a corporation for my survival.

When I made my first sale (of a toy I had created) through a PayPal button on my blog, I thought I had stumbled upon gold. I dreamed of blog which would replace my job. I wanted to be a full-time blogger but I needed a formula to earn a full-time income.

I created a digital product in 2008, created many websites and blogs, but real money eluded me.

I didn’t lack information. The internet was chock-full of advice – from affiliate marketers, SEO experts, WordPress gurus and internet superstars. I poured over their blogs and books and videos.

Unfortunately, so much information on the internet is from people who recommend tools and strategies to promote affiliate links or their own products, that you can easily end up wasting months and years of your life. Which is what I did. I wasted years trying out various strategies.

I wished there was a no-nonsense guide, clearly outlining the steps on how-to set up a successful and profitable blog.

I eventually figured out through trial and error what works and what doesn’t.

This is what I share in the The Blogger Trailmap.

I wish I had an honest & practical book like this years back.

This book is written in collaboration with the team in which we have distilled all our personal experiences, as well as lessons learned from the successes we have had with working with our customers.


“The Zavesti team has real world “hands in the dirt” experience. They helped me transform my hobby into a medium for monthly paychecks.” – Jessica, Book Blogger in Austin, TX.