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The 14 Best Books for Cozy Winter Evenings: 2021 Book Recommendations

winter 2021 book recommendations

Sizzling, unadulterated fun books

Addictive, Gripping and Immensely Enjoyable Crime Thriller: An Honest Mistake by B. B. Teeter

an honest mistake by b b teeter book review

B. B. Teeter is one of my personal favorite authors, and this is my favorite book of his. He writes immensely enjoyable crime thrillers and his book, “An Honest Mistake” is no exception. This is a book which is full of surprises and, in its distinctive way, full of life.

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon: An Honest Mistake

The RayBright Caper (A Kirbi Mack Novel Book 1): A Thoroughly Enjoyable Crime Thriller


The RayBright Caper by B. B. Teeter is the book to read when you want a gripping crime thriller to take your mind off everything else. I loved this book and it kept me up till 3:00 AM on a Friday night. The characters are vividly alive, and the pace is expertly handled. Usually I am tempted to flip to the last page and ‘get done with the mystery,’ but Teeter tells his story in such an immersive way that I felt as if the story was unfolding right before my eyes and every page was a true delight to read.

How to Buy: The RayBright Caper

Completely Engrossing Historical Fiction: Lost Scrolls of Archimedes by Tom Roberts

Book Review of Lost Scrolls of Archimedes

Tom Roberts in his award winning book, Lost Scrolls of Archimedes, gives us a fascinating window in to the world as it existed in the times of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. Weaving a rich tapestry of love, betrayal, assassinations and a nail-biting adventure on the Ionian Sea, Tom resurrects an embalmed civilization and its people to vivid, breathing life.

In 2019, at the Florida Writers Association’s Royal Palm Literary Awards, the Lost Scrolls of Archimedes, by Tom Robert was awarded Gold for best unpublished historical novel. Reading through the book, it becomes obvious why Tom’s book was selected. The Lost Scrolls of Archimedes, by Tom Roberts is an absolutely riveting page-turner which won’t let you put it down till you have finished reading it.

The book is available on Amazon: Lost Scrolls of Archimedes

You Will Laugh Aloud with this Book: The Unlikely Adventures of Joe and Nick by Lee Arrowood

lee arrowood

If I had a chance to give more than 5-stars I would. This is really a laugh-aloud funny book which is such a refreshing thing to find. It is meant for young adults but when I came across this book and started reading I enjoyed it very much myself. Very well written with just the right level of details to build anticipation and the personality of characters, the book excels as a wonderful instant mood uplift.

Check out the The Unlikely Adventures of Joe and Nick by Lee Arrowood on amazon.

ROMANCE… PUSH THE ON BUTTON!: How To Turn Your Man Into A Romantic by Paul Gaughan

paul gaughan - romance push the on button

Have you wondered why as husband and wife you seem less fascinating to each other than the time when your were courting and not yet married? How can you get the fire back in your relationship?

ROMANCE… PUSH THE ON BUTTON!: How To Turn Your Man Into A Romantic by Paul Gaughan demystifies the psychological tensions between men and women. Instead of spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on a relationship therapist, if you pick up Paul’s book and try the exercises in the book, you may be able to surprise and delight your spouse easily.

Check out the book on ROMANCE… PUSH THE ON BUTTON!: How To Turn Your Man Into A Romantic by Paul Gaughan

Tooj Tales: Kai and the Protectors of Tooj

tooj tales book review
This middle-grade fantasy series is set in a world that Jean Curci has spent twenty years building and features maps and artwork by a truly amazing group of artists.

Check out the book: Book page on kickstarter

Peeky Wizard Was Odd

The Wizard Was Odd trilogy by Peeky, brings us a modern sequel to America’s greatest and best-loved homegrown fairytale, Baum’s world of Oz. Not one, but three completely fabulous books!

Just as the world of Oz gave children the opportunity to discover magic in the mundane things in their everyday lives, Peeky’s The Wizard Was Odd brings for us in the 21st century, a fantasy-fairy-tale universe that is comfort-food to our soul.

The Wizard Was Odd is a trilogy of three books: Here are the links to and

DIY books to unleash your creativity

How to Start a Blog with The Blogger Trailmap: The Story of the Book

the blogger trailmap

The team has written the book, The Blogger Trailmap, to share the techniques we have used ourselves, in growing the blog. Our goal is to give you the templates and steps to start a blog quickly.

Check out on amazon: The Blogger Trailmap

YouTube SEO Demystified

YouTube Vlog SEO
The key to getting ranked high in YouTube and on Google is easier than you think. With a few simple SEO tweaks, your videos can start showing up high in search results drawing in subscribers and customers. The 16 hot hacks in this book give the optimizations you can “bake” into each of your videos very easily & quickly.

Get your book (free!): YouTube SEO Demystified

Books to bring out your inner artist

Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages – by Lela Stankovic

watercolor painting glorious rose flowers by lela stankovic

The four wonderful seasons in Canada offer an abundance of inspiration for an artist. The deep – yet bright – fall colors, the radiant beauty of the Iris flowers in spring, and the many more enchanting faces of nature – Canada is truly an artist’s paradise. It is no surprise then, that Nature asserts her presence in Lela Stankovic’s breathtaking works of art. And, flowers – the crown jewels of Nature -have come to occupy a special place in Lela’s heart. If you would like to slip on your creative hat and express yourself in watercolor, then Lela’s book – “Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages” – would be a perfect start.

Check out the book on Amazon: Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages by Lela Stankovic

All About Coloring Books: I Had Fun with a Cupcake Coloring Book

hand drawn cupcake coloring book

I love the book as it is so nice and pretty. This can also be a great gift for your friends who are looking for a cool pastime while being inside their houses. Lela is a master artist, who regularly creates amazing compositions for her art challenge blog, You can also find Lela’s paintings on her website In her coloring books, Lela has created the beautiful drawings with much love and care.

Amazon: Hand Drawn Cupcake Coloring Book – Simple to Advanced: Hand drawn 8 cupcake designs to color printed in 3 different shades of gray to the total of 24 beautiful coloring pages, by Lela Stankovic

Seven days In The Art World – by Sarah Thornton

Sarah spent many days with seven different dimensions of art – visiting auction houses, studios and art fairs – and interviewed art professors, art critics and collectors and other movers and shakers of the art market. She has written an entertaining portrait of a world which is glamorous and yet full of strong headed businessmen and businesswomen. Her book truly demystifies many elements of the art world. If you have curiosity about what goes on in Christie’s auction houses, in the minds of the art collectors, behind the scenes in the art fairs and in the editors offices of top art magazines, then you would definitely enjoy reading this book.

Amazon: Seven days In The Art World – by Sarah Thornton

Thought provoking poetry books

How To Make A Living From Poetry: Conversations with Sharique Jamal

Sharique Jamal Author Interview

Sharique’s poems have received wide critical acclaim and he has won many awards and recognition for his works – poetry as well as social service.

Check out Sharique’s works: Voice of the Soul – Yearnings, by Sharique Jamal

The absolute best in investigative journalism ~ Real life story of courage and intelligence

Easy Marks: Cracking a University’s Academic Integrity Con by Catherine Wagner

easy marks academic integrity con by catherine wagner

Catherine Wagner was an enthusiastic, top-performing student when she unwittingly walked into a trap. She provided authorized aid to a classmate on one part of one homework question, as her professors specifically encouraged. A grader later flagged their answers as “similar,” and both students were accused of cheating.

Under threat of expulsion, Catherine was forced to defend her reputation and career prospects. Along the way, she discovered that the University seemed to repeatedly break federal law, spy on her, and reject science in favor of fallacies and falsehoods. Using statistics and behavioral science to scrutinize audio recordings and university emails, Catherine systematically unmasked the unthinkable: a confidence scheme fueling clandestine research on more than 2,000 unsuspecting students for over a decade.

How to buy: Easy Marks: Cracking a University’s Academic Integrity Con by Catherine Wagner

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