Digital Marketing Self Assessment Tool for Authors, Bloggers & Vloggers

zavesti seo self assessment for self published authors On the internet you will likely find general sales and marketing tips (build a social media following, create an author platform etc.) – and you have to piece together the whole puzzle yourself.

However in our discussions, writers, illustrators, bloggers and vloggers tell us, “Just give me a step by step guide on what exactly I should do. I don’t want a marketing encyclopedia”. Inspired by this feedback, we at Zavesti focus on providing a clear and systematic method for all independent creators – book authors, freelance illustrators and product creators.

Any guide needs to be tailored according to the maturity of the audience. The goal of this self assessment tool is to gauge your marketing maturity so we can provide recommendations personalized for you.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Assessment Criteria

This assessment tool gauges your marketing maturity using the following 10 point criteria:

  1. Availability on a recognized platform
  2. Lead generation
  3. Content strategy
  4. Analytics
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Social Media
  7. Direct Marketing (eMail)
  8. Paid advertising
  9. Competitor analysis
  10. Customer focus

What Do You Get Out of This Assessment?

When you complete the quick and press the button “Get Test Results” – we will provide you instant feedback about your marketing maturity. In addition, we also provide you a guide especially tailored for your maturity level.

So, let’s get started!

Marketing Self Assessment Tool: Take the Test Now!

1.Is your book available for purchase through a digital marketplace (Amazon etc.)?
2.Leads: Does your website have a contact form to collect email addresses?
3.Content: Do you regularly post new content, e.g. blogs or videos?
4.Analytics: Have you analyzed results of your efforts, e.g. traffic to website, results of paid advertising etc.?
5.SEO: Is it likely I will find you on Google if I search for keywords relating to your business?
6.Social Media: Does your business have a social media page with active updates and interactions?
7.eMail: Do you send regular, personalized eMails to your contacts?
8.Advertising: Do you boost your social media posts (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) through paid promotion?
9.Competitor: Have you studied what your competitors are doing to promote themselves?
10.Customers: Have you identified who your customers are – (e.g. women, college graduates, teens etc.)?
11.Would you like to learn how to boost sales of your products or services?

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