Tell Your Story!

Tell Your Story!

Authors, Book Bloggers, Artists, Illustrators and all Creative Entrepreneurs

Quick Guide: How to get Started?

The Zavesti Tell Your Story Project is a free marketing tool for independent creators. Here are the steps:

  1. Please register or login to Registration is free
  2. Use “The Amazing Story Template”, to create a story about yourself or your project. Examples of your projects are your book, your blog, vLog or YouTube channel, your freelance illustration business, your art projects or any other creative project you are involved in.
  3. Once your story is posted you will get an email confirmation.
    Our editors may also review it and let you know if any changes are needed.


We suggest that you first write and save your story in a word doc on your laptop – and then copy & paste it online in Zavesti Amazing Story Template. This way you will not lose your work in case the site crashes due to some network or other errors.

Let’s Skip the Theory & Get Started Now!

Ready? Let’s get Started with this Step-by-Step Amazing Story Template

What is the The Zavesti Amazing Story Template?

All great stories share some common attributes. An interesting setting for the story, surprises and moments of tension – these are some of those attributes which make a story to be riveting.

We have distilled these attributes of a great story into a template which you can use to create your own story.

Many of the stories which our members have created using this template have gone viral. We are confident that the Amazing Story Template will help you in writing winning stories.

FAQ about Zavesti Tell Your Story Project

Is your service free?

Yes, this service is free to all Zavesti Inner Circle Members.

What types of submissions are not accepted?

We do not post reviews of works related to hate, violence, sex or religion. Generally we welcome all original work – but we reserve the right to remove or decline a post.

Can I use a link shortener ( or Amazon affiliate ID links?

No – the or other such links can be changed later to point to somewhere else. We would rather have direct links.

We don’t allow amazon affiliate id (nor do we use them ourselves) – we would rather promote you directly than fill our site with lots of affiliate links.

How long will my review be on

Generally speaking we don’t plan to remove reviews. However we do reserve the right to remove content at our discretion as mentioned.

What happens after I submit my book or artwork or project for review?

After you submit your book you will get an email letting you know your submission was delivered to us.

We then check the submission and upload it to our site. We also post it on Zavesti facebook page and/or other social media pages.

What do I need to do after my review is posted?

Once your review is posted on, please post the link to your blog/website, and any of your public social media page.

This ensures that you leverage the benefit of being featured on, plus you help other creative people get visibility.

We need your help to help us spreads the word about creative people.

Let’s Get Started!

Ready? Let’s get Started with this Step-by-Step Amazing Story Template

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