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Techniques For Recent Graduates

Creative & Impactful Techniques

Reformat Your Resume

If you have high grades:

  • Many companies hire fresh college graduates as trainees. For these jobs your grades in the school/college, the subjects you have majored in are more important than anything else – specially if these subjects are directly related to the position you are applying for.

  • Put your Education section before your Experience section in the resume.

Highlight Your Rank

Rank: 7th position in a class of 35.

The grades themselves do not mean much. You can highlight your rank in the class if your grades are not impressive by themselves.

Link Your Education To Real World

If you have done small projects or thesis – explain how these were inspired or connected to real life issues. Discuss in advance with your faculty advisor if you are not sure.

Be Prepared With Stories
Create atleast three real or fictitous stories of how what you have learned would directly help in a real life situation in the company you are applying for. You need to research what the company does in advance and discuss your stories with your faculty advisor to be sure.

Highlight Accomplishments With Professional Language

Here is how you can change an ordinary sounding experience into an impactful accomplishment story:

Ineffective phrasing: Worked as a telesales support person.

Impactful phrasing: Followed up with customers to proactively resolve issues – The support manager, in a commendation, stated that this resulted in a 45% increase in the repeat customer business for the agency.

Request a family friend who works in the same industry to go over your resume and help to make your accomplishement descriptions more impactful. Give him the above example to show him what kind of change you are aiming for.