Spotlight Yourself!

Please use the following set of questions as a template for highlighting your creative journey.

    Required Questions

  • Title
    Choose a magnetic headline for your review
  • What’s your niche?
    e.g. Author, Illustrator, Blogger, Entrepreneur
  • About yourself
    Think of some fun facts to make your introduction interesting.
  • About your project i.e. book, blog, art
    What was the inspiration for your project, how it got started, where is it now
  • How do you promote your work?
    What are some things which work (and things which don’t work) in selling your work? What are the marketing websites which you have found to be effective?
  • Optional Questions

  • Your creative journey
    Tell us about some challenges and interesting incidents from your creative life.
  • Inspiration
    Tell us about the creative people who have influenced you. What books do you read? What inspires you? Where do you get new ideas from?
  • What are you working on now
    Tell us a bit about your plans for the next few months or years?
  • What is the best advice you ever heard?
  • What are some favorite things which you always carry?
    e.g. small notebook, compass, color pencils
  • Promotions & Giveaways
    If you are offering any promotion on any of your products please mention it here.
  • Blog/Website
    Please enter URL in the format:
  • YouTube Channel
    Please enter URL in the format:
  • Photo
    Please include an image for which you have full copyright only.
  • Additional Comments & final words?

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