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Step – VI: Winning Interview: Examine Your Offer Letter & Negotiate Job Offer


These steps will guide you in negotiating with finesse.

  1. Read the Negotiation Checklist in the Playbook.

  2. Fill up the Negotiation Checklist Template.

  3. In the Negotiation Checklist Template, identify which are must have and which are nice to have but not so important.

To complete these activities use “Playbook: Examine Your Offer Letter & Negotiate”.

Use this checklist to examine your offer letter and negotiate.

Things To Remember While Using The Negotiation Checklist Template

  1. Remember it is not necessary that you always negotiate.

  2. Negotiation Checklist Template helps to make sure that you know what you are being offered and there are no surprises.

  3. Ideally you should speak about salary only when you are asked about your expectations or when you have an offer letter in hand.

  4. The fact that you are ready to negotiate shows that you are confident of your value.

  5. The best time to negotiate is when you have an offer letter. Do not bring up issues relating to money during your interview unless you are asked about it.

  6. If the offer is good accept it as is. Negotiation is not a must!

  7. Negotiating is different from being fussy about things which reflect adversely on your willingness to invest 110% of yourself in your job.

  8. Make a list of things which are important for you – as shown in the Negotiation Checklist Template; and a list of things which are nice to have, but not a must. Negotiate accordingly.

  9. For each of the elements in the “Negotiation Checklist” make a note of the terms that you want and the terms which are in the offer letter. Identify which ones are top priority before you start negotiating.