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Step – V: Winning Interview: Orchestrate Compelling Presentations


Yes, YOU can be a masterful presenter in 3 easy steps!

  1. Using the Playbook create a presentation on any topic.

  2. Record this presentation using a webcam. Watch yourself on the video and compare it with the tips in your Playbook.

  3. Invite a friend to watch your presentation and ask for suggestions for improvements.

To complete these activities use “Playbook: Orchestrate Compelling Presentations”.

Why do we say “orchestrate” instead of “deliver”?

Audience expectations have changed so that the best presentations are no longer one way “delivery” of information.

Great presenters today orchestrate an interactive conversation with their audience so that the listeners feel completeley involved.

The following steps help you to transform your next presentation into a productive session in which you truly connect with your listeners.

01. Prepare to WOW

02. Engaging Content

  • Are you bring something new for this audience?

  • Intriguing titles, some new information & thought-provoking analysis of the information.

  • Avoid cliches and qualifiers( I am happy to be here, maybe, I think etc), use positive words (YOU, proven, excited, confident), use industry specific keywords.
  • Toolkit: How To Have Engaging Content In Your Presentation?

03. Cohesive Composition

  • An easy trick for good organization is to have a website like navigation on top of each slide.

  • Create a few slides at different points within your presentation – each of these slides would remind the audience of the structure of the presentation, which parts have been covered and what is coming next.

  • Toolkit: Cohesive Composition

04. Connect With People

  • Give a short introduction in the form of a mini story. How you got interested in this topic? What has been your experience with it?

  • Talk a bit about how you prepared for the presentation – for example … you compiled your old notes, interviewed people for a different perspective, had some recent first hand experience with the topic etc

  • Tell a story regarding your experiences with the topic.

  • Easy Trick: While speaking on one slide, make eye contact with one person in the audience and just speak with him. Break the eye contact only after you move from the slide. Do this atleast for one person in the front and one person in the back so the entire rooms feels it is with you.

  • If you know anyone in the audience then refer to them by name.

  • Don’t ask questions which will put anyone in an awkward situation.

05: Memorable & Practical

  • Command Confidence

  • Captivating Introduction, Memorable beginning & End

  • Explain how each point would result in some practical benefit to the audience

  • Simple & Concise

  • Toolkit: Memorable & Practical Presentation

06. Plan For The Unexpected

  • Difficult Questions

  • Difficult people
  • Difficult situations

  • Audience exhaustion (tired) & preoccupation (smartphone distractions)

  • Toolkit: How To Handle The Unexpected

07. Review & Refine
  • Print your presentation slides and write on each slide how it can be improved.

  • Practice before a friend & ask your friend to use the checklist to rate you.

  • Record yourself on webcam

08. Unique Experience: Tools

Everybody would present using basic powerpoints. You can be different with these free tools.

09. Checklist