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Step-IV: Winning Interview: How to Win In The Interview Room


Anticipate questions and plan your answers!

  1. Review the “Toolkit: Interview Basics” in your Playbook. Make a point of saying hello to the reception’st on the day of the interview.

  2. Think of atleast one nice and interesting icebreaker. Your Playbook has many tips.

  3. Be ready with your 5 Point Message Template.

  4. For the possible questions you think are going to be asked, practice answering them using the Top Dog technique explained in your Playbook.

  5. Think in advance how you will “close” the interview. Use the tips in your Playbook.

  6. Using the template in your Playbook prepare a high impact followup email.

To complete these activities use “Playbook: Win In The Interview Room”.

The Day Before Your Interview: 3 Things To Do

  1. Send a reconfirmation mail to the interviewer reminding him or her that you are “looking forward to your meeting” with him or her the next day.

  2. Eat light food only and exercise a bit. You must have a light stomach before your interview.

  3. Get 8 hours of sleep. This is a must.

On The Interview Day

01. Walk-in with confidence

  1. An attention to some basics lets you walk in with confidence.:

    Toolkit: Interview Basics

02. Use easy iceBreakers during introductions

  • With some advance planning you can make the greeting to be more interesting than just talking about the weather or sports.

  • Toolkit: Easy Conversation IceBreakers

03. Look for opportunities to deliver parts of your 5 point message

  • A 5 point message lets you organize your thoughts and deliver your key points thoroughly yet concisely.

  • This will be most useful when you are asked -“Tell me about yourself”.

  • You will use different parts of this message at different times in the interview.

  • This answers questions most frequently asked in interviews.

  • If you want, you can proactively say that I had prepared an introduction for you and share part of your message.
  • Toolkit: 5 Point Message Template

04. Handling the questions

05. Closing the interview

  • Do you want to make a hard close or a soft close? Both are ok.

  • Note: Hard Close implies that you want a yes or no from the interviewer right in the interview itself. In a Soft Close you could ask “What are your thoughts about the interview today?”. Other examples of soft closes questions are:

    • Do you have any concerns that I need to clear up in order to be the top candidate?

    • What do you see as my strengths and weaknesses for this job?

    • This job sounds like it’s something I would really enjoy. Do you think there is a fit here?

    • Do you have any questions about my suitability for this position?

  • Make sure you have a clear next step from the interviewer and a date by which you expect to hear from him/her.

  • Ask for the interviewer’s mobile phone, business card or email id. Let him know that you may contact him if you don’t hear from him by the expected time.

  • Can the interviewer refer you to someone else if you are not a fit for this particular job?

06. High Impact Followup
  • Write an eMail the same day to the interviewer thanking him for the meeting.

  • Thank the person who had referred you to the interviewer.

  • If you are not selected, you should still thank the interviewer and ask if he can refer you to anybody else he knows.

Toolkit: Thank You Letter Following Your Interview