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Step – III: Winning Interview: Questions For You & From You


Anticipate questions and plan your answers!

  1. Using the Playbook, note down the categories of questions you are likely to face.

  2. With the help of the Playbook and your contacts, note down atleast ten different possible questions you may be asked.

  3. Be ready with atleast three questions YOU must ask in the interview. Use the Playbook as your guide.

  4. Try to find someone who can sit & conduct a mock interview for you. Use the Mock Interview Evaluation form in the playbook.

To complete these activities use “Playbook: Questions For You & From You”.

01. Categories Of Questions

02. Possible Interview Questions

03. YOU Must ask these questions

Your goal should be to transform the interview into a DISCUSSION – engage the interviewer confidently as an equal partner. Do not simply put yourself in the position of a desperate jobseeker on the hotseat.

Try to ensure that atleast 30% to 50% of the time it is the interviewer who is talking.

Ask “high-yield” questions – i.e. open ended questions which can NOT be answered by simple yes or no.

Avoid questions starting with WHY (sounds confrontational) or those questions whose answers you should have found out from the company website.

Toolkit: Types Of Questions You Should Ask

Toolkit: Checklist – Is This The Right Job For You

04. Mock Interviews

Who are the best people do mock interviews?

  • Your peers or friends whom you trust in your current job.

  • Subject Matter Experts in relevant domains

  • Managers / leaders in the same company that you are applying in or other companies.

Toolkit: Print out the following form and ask your friends to evaluate you base on these criteria. Interview Evaluation Form