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Step-II: Winning Interview: Prepare To Succeed


Let’s get prepared to succeed!

  1. Using the Playbook, find out more information about the company you are interviewing in.

  2. Find out more information about your interviewer(s). The Playbook has many helpful tips and tools to help you.

  3. Be ready with your Resume, Elevator Pitch and a few Success Stories.

  4. Try to find someone who can sit down with you and examine the job advertisement and its requirements.

  5. Check the Playbook to see if you can anticipate any possible objections.

To complete these activities use “Playbook: Prepare To Succeed”.

02. Know Your Interviewer

  1. Ask the recruiter about the hiring manager- he has a vested interest in getting you hired in the company as only then he would get paid.

  2. If an HR person calls to invite you for an interview with an interviewer, it’s ok to ask some a few general questions about the interviewer. For example – what is the interviewer’s title and responsibility, is he the hiring manager etc. However avoid long conversations with the HR people.

  3. Toolkit: Use the “Networking: Ask These Questions” guide to find out from your contacts more information about your possible interviewers.

  4. Toolkit: Tools To Research People

03. Prepare Your Weapons

  1. Review your resume to make sure you can answer any question about any part of the resume.

  2. Toolkit: Cheat Sheet For Your Professional Objective

  3. Toolkit: Elevator Pitch Cheatsheet

  4. Toolkit: Success Stories: A Step By Step Guide

04. Review the job advertisement once again

  1. Make a list of those criteria which you strongly meet – and also of those criteria in the ad which you do not fulfil.

  2. Be prepared to answer questions about both set of criteria.

  3. It may be possible for you to read up on those job ad requirements which you do not satisfy completely. You may also sit down with another friend who is an expert in those areas and he may give you tips on the most commonly asked questions. Google for the most commonly asked questions related to topics in the job ad.

05.Anticipate potential objections and be prepared with a concise response