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Step-I: Winning Interview Game Plan


Before you begin, please read the Career Development Toolkit Introduction Guide if you haven’t already done so.

Get Started with Preparing for a Winning Interview

Let’s craft a winning game plan!

  1. Using the Playbook identify the interview format you are most likely to face (based on the position you are applying for).

  2. Can you anticipate some possible interview scenarios for yourself – based on the suggestions in the Playbook?

  3. Make a note of a few possible interview formats based on the type of organisation and the interviewer you expect to encounter..

To complete these activities use “Playbook: The Game Plan”.

01. Review success criteria in interviews in different job positions.

02. Identify Your Interview Scenario

03. Identify Your Interview Format:

  1. Type Of Organization: Toolkit: Interview Formats In Different Organisations

  2. Type Of Interviewer: Toolkit: : Interview Formats By Different Interviewers

Expectations, Goals & Objectives

  1. What is the interviewer expecting from this meeting with you
  2. What are you expecting as an ideal next step from this meeting?

Brainstorm your upcoming interview with a friend. You will be surprised how another head makes you think of things you have not thought of already.