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Step 6: Killer Profile: Mentioning Experience & Education in Your Resume


01. Does the Experience section in your resume need refining? Check the Playbook for ideas.

Time Needed: 30 minutes

02. Refine the Education section in your resume. Look up the Resume Skeleton and also the Playbook once again for ideas.
Time Needed: 30 minutes

03. Review and refine the last part ( Additional Information) in your resume. This part is no less important. Your Resume Skeleton has a lot of helpful ideas to help you in completing this part.
Time Needed: 30 minutes

To complete these activities use the following Playbook.

01. Highlight Experiences

This is a comprehensive record of your experiences in different project and companies.

Toolkit: Cheatsheet:Professional Experience

  • In the Experience section, remember to be specific, detailed and list the companies you worked for together with your experiences in reverse chronological order.

    In your Experience section remember to highlight how the skills you have gained through each past experience will benefit your future employer.

02. Education

  • Show your passion for learning something new: In addition to the existing educational qualifications and certifications – mention your on-going learning development – certifications you are preparing for etc.

03. Misc Impactful Information

  • Mention if you are bi-lingual

  • Highlight community involvement, volunteer work, ineterests. However do not use cliches, vague, generic statements. For example do not simply mention “cycling, atheletics” – be specific about some cycling event or atheletic event you have participated in.