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Step-5: Smart Search: Execute Your Job Hunt


Let’s get operational!

  1. Have you created your Elevator Pitch, Target List and Contact List? Make a point of speaking with atleast 3 new contacts this week.

    Update your contact list and target list based on the conversations you have had with your contacts.

  2. Go through the “Toolkit:Job Boards: Canada & USA” in the Playbook. Create your profile in them and search for jobs.

    Call atleast 5 recruiters this week. Use the “Toolkit: Directory of Recruiters” in the Playbook and also LinkedIn and Google to find recuiters in your geographical area.

  3. Identify atleast one way of “New Job Search Technique” you would like to try. Do it this week itself!!

To complete these activities use “Playbook: Execute Job Hunt”.

01. Primary Job Search Strategy

  • Plan your job search project based on a systematic Job Hunt Campaign Strategy.

  • As you execute your job search – constantly refine your strategy.

  • Do constant reality checks: Measure your progress against proven metrics.


  1. Get Started & Review Your Game Plan

  2. Craft Your Elevator Pitch

  3. Build Your Target List

  4. Network In Easy Steps

  5. Research, Refine & Monitor


02. Classic Job Search Techniques


Toolkit: “Job Boards In Canada & USA”
Find current vacancies and job advertisements using the above Job Board master list

  1. Typical response rate is 2 or 3 interview for 100 resumes sent.
  2. Internet job boards, employer websites: Very effective for IT jobs.
  3. Print ads: Many jobs in print ads may not be on internet.

Walking In : Largely appropriate for blue-collared jobs .

  1. Do not just drop your resume at the front desk.
  2. Try to meet people who work there, not just the HR person.
  3. Research in advance about the company and it’s org structure before you walk in.

Cold Calling

  1. Appropriate for blue collared /hands-on jobs which pay hourly wages.
  2. Must have a pre-written script for a smooth conversation and another voicemail script.
  3. Send resume only after talking on phone first.
  4. Do not completely discount HR. thought they should not be your focus. Ask who is the ‘recruiter’ for that company or department at which you are applying.

Direct Mail: This refers to sending unsolicited mail to people who don’t know you at all and to whom you don’t have any introduction.

  1. Be prepared for a response rate of <1%.
  2. Do not send attachments in emails unless asked for. Abbreviate your resume in the mail body itself.
  3. Always direct mail by name.

Recruiters Including staffing agencies, Temp agencies

  1. The fee is ALWAYS paid by the employer. Anybody who collects fees for arranging interviews from you is illegal operation.
  2. Check directories of recruiters specializing in your area of work.
  3. Recruiters may try to get you to accept a job offer at a lower rate since they may get incentives from a company for this.

Toolkit: How To Work With Recruiters

Toolkit: Directory Of Recruiters – Canada

Toolkit: Directory Of Recruiters – USA


03. New Job Search Techniques

Get Found Through Social Media – Create an online presence: including your blog, website and selected social media sites.

Toolkit: Increase Your Find-ability

Toolkit: The Web 3.0 Job Finder: Social Media

Toolkit: Revitalize Your LinkedIn Profile: Checklist

Toolkit: LinkedIn Secrets: Find Jobs



  1. Create an e-Book relevant to your industry.
  2. Write a well researched book backed by real experience (your own or others) – Get it published – If necessary self publish it and put it on A book brings a huge amount of credibility for the writer.
  3. Write case studies on your blog.
  4. Prepare a competitive analysis.

Temp to Perm: Short term jobs often give you a chance to expand your influence map of contacts. Go for it, even if it is one day a week.