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Step 5: Killer Profile: Accomplishment Stories, The Game Changing Aspect of Your Resume


Create 5 Accomplishment stories using the Playbook.
Time Needed: 60 minutes

To complete these activities use the following Playbook.

Emphasize Accomplishments

Craft short accomplishment stories – which are most relevant for the job that you are applying.

Here is an example of a short story which you can include in your Accomplishment section:
“Organized 10+ successful events with 300+ guests and average budget of $55K. Entrusted with project manager roles in official, community and social events. Proven success in managing events with aggressive time scales, limited budget and special requirements (including bylaws and guest security).”

In this section you do NOT need to use a chronological order. Find stories from your entire career, not just your last job.

Ensure that you consistently adhere to the above format in one section.

Do not mix Responsibilities (stated in non-action verb format) with Achievements (in the above action-verb format) in one section.

Toolkit: Cheatsheet:Professional Experience

Search google for stories and case studies. For example if you are sales professional, search for the following words on google: senior sales manager case studies opportunities deal sheets

You can also search for blogs of senior people who may have written case studies.

Use these case studies to craft your own accomplishment stories.

Why should you write accomplishment stories?

If you simply write one sentence – “Managed a $1M+ project”. It does not sound very believable. If you add more color to it – through a Result – Situation – Action format, your story becomes unique and credible.

When you give your resume to a contact asking him to forward it within his own company, your contact can use one of your stories to make a strong recommendation to the hiriing manager. This is more effective than simply saying -“Here’s the resume of a friend.”

You can use the same stories in your interviews.