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Step-4: Smart Search: Network In Easy Steps


Let’s Discover A Fun & Easy Way Of Networking

  1. Create a BIG list of all the people you know. Can you make a list of 50 names to start with?

  2. Now label your contacts as valuable, high priority etc..

  3. Now use the Playbook to reach out to your contacts and talk to them. The Playbook guides you in having fun and productive conversations.

  4. Revisit the Playbook to find fun ways of expanding your network. Can you try to add atleast 3 new contacts every week?

To complete these activities use “Playbook: Network In Easy Steps”.

Discover Your Magic Circle!

Your magic circle is your network of contacts who may be able to help you. It’s ‘magic’ since unexpected help often comes from people from whom you least expect any help.

Your job in this section is to create a really very comprehensive list of all your contacts and label them properly.

You would also learn how to start conversations which appeal to your contacts and motivates them to help you.

Real world networking is simple, honest and fun. Let’s get started!

01. Outline Your Network

In this step make a list of ALL the people you know – irrespective of their vocation in life.

It’s time to take out those old address books, business card and start remembering!

Toolkit: Use the “Outline Your Network” guide to jog your memory

02. Label Your Contacts

Labeling helps to classify your contacts. As a result you know how to tailor your conversations with them for maximum mutual benefit.

Toolkit: Use the “Label Your Contacts” guide to help you classify your contacts.

How would labeling your contacts help you in networking?

The labels would guide you since the conversation you want to have with a Decision Maker Professional contact would be different from that with a Influencer Professional contact in the same company. Similarly, the conversations you would have with an Close Personal Contact would be different from that with a Casual Personal contact.

Use your labels to guide you in your conversations!

04. Expand Your Network

Now start looking at creative ways to find new contacts. It’s Easy!

Toolkit: Use the “Expand Your Network” guide to find new contacts.