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Step-2: Smart Search: Craft Your Elevator Pitch


01. Write down your Professional Objective.
Time Needed: 20 minutes

02. Write down your Elevator Pitch.
Time Needed: 20 minutes

03. Think of a short (in three sentences) story about some relevant accomplishment at your previous jobyou can tell if you are asked to expand on your Elevator Pitch.
Time Needed: 30 minutes

To complete these activities use “Playbook: Elevator Pitch”.

Let’s create an introduction for you which people will remember!

We shall define here your Professional Objective and your Elevator Pitch.

But keep in mind – this powerful introduction (Elevator Pitch) must be crafted to show how you can bring unique value to your Target List ie the companies where you shall apply for jobs.

01. What Is Your Professional Objective?

In your professional objective, you name your area of work. Your professional objective is the goal of your job search campaign.

Examples of professional objective statements: “Physiotherapist specializing in sports injuries”, “Web Developer with experience in building high volume traffic sites” etc

Toolkit: Cheat Sheet For Your Professional Objective

Search for jobs on which seem similar to your desired objective. Note the job titles which you could use as a professional objective.

You can utilize multiple similar or related job titles in one Professional Objective; For example:
“Event Manager, Program Manager (Global Conferences and Events), Public Relations Officer, Marketing Manager”

02. Create an Elevator Pitch


Your Elevator Pitch is your value proposition. A short (10 second to 2 minute) summary which describes how well you can do the work defined by your professional objective.

What are the elements of your Elevator Pitch?

  1. A short 2 minutes self description to use over phone and everyday with all your contacts, friends as well as with hiring mangers.

    Toolkit: Elevator Pitch Cheatsheet

  2. A short memorable success story to introduce yourself when there is more time at hand.

    Toolkit: Use Storytelling To Captivate And Convince

Depending on how much time you have, you will use the appropriate version of your elevator pitch. You will repeat it many times during your job search campaign to your friends, contacts and hiring managers.