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Step 1: Killer Profile (Resume) Game Plan


Before you begin, please read the Career Development Toolkit Introduction Guide if you haven’t already done so.

Get Started with Creating a Killer Profile (Resume)

01. Identify the resume format you would use.
Time Needed: 5 minutes

02. Identify your experience level.
How many pages would you want your resume to be?
Time Needed: 5 minutes

03. Identify any possible objections (or weaknesses) which people may see in you?
Time Needed: 5 minutes

To complete these activities use the following Playbook in this section.

01. Choose the resume format:

  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Hybrid (Combination)
We strongly recommend using the Hybrid Resume format.

For a more detailed look at resume formats:
Toolkit: Resume Formats

02. Identify Your Experience Level
  • Professionals (those who have some experience) – Stick with the conventional 4 page resume. Accomplishment stories are key.
  • C Level leaders, very senior managers: A one page resume with key accomplishment stories and summary of previous experiences is enough. If you have a solid track record then information on education, interests, skills etc may not be necessary.
  • Entrants – Beginners (those with almost no experience)
    • Focus on accomplishment stories since your experience section is going to be smaller.
    • Make a list of the skills & experience you have gained in life which can be presented as hard skills (e.g. organized sisters wedding -> Event Management).

    It’s ok to have a slightly longer resume – just ensure that your first page is an executive summary of your accomplishments which is quickly readable.

03. Make a list of objections you would need to address