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Step-1: Smart Search Game Plan


Before you begin, please read the Career Development Toolkit Introduction Guide if you haven’t already done so.

Get Started with Smart Search

01. Identify a specific job title which you want to apply for. You may get some idea by going through a few job advertisements and reading the description of those jobs.
Time Needed: 15 minutes

02. Read through the “Playbook: The Game Plan” to get familiar with the terms Professional Objective, Elevator Pitch and Target List.
Time Needed: 5 minutes

03. What would you say if you and the hiring manager were in the same elevator for two minutes? Write it down – we will refine it later.
Time Needed: 5 minutes

To complete these activities use “Playbook: The Game Plan”.

In your Job Finder app you shall focus on the following three key activities:

  • Define Your Professional Objective & Elevator Pitch.

  • Build Your Target List – Companies which may have the jobs you are looking for.

  • Create Your Magic Circle – Contacts Who Can Help You.

To make sure that your progress is on track and yielding results, you monitor, control and refine your efforts using the template in the “Measure Progress” section.

Description Of Terms

Professional Objective
This defines the kind of work you want.
Elevator Pitch

This describes how well you can do the work defined by your professional objective.

A short 2 minute summary which clearly communicates the value you bring to the organization. You will repeat it many times during your job search campaign to your friends, contacts and hiring managers.

Keep in mind that your Value Proposition must have carry a special appeal for companies in your Target List.

What Is your “Target List”?

Your “Target List” is a set of companies which have people doing the kind of work you are looking for. As an example, if you are a chemist then pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, GSK etc could be a part of your target list since these companies require chemists for testing and Q/A.

What is your “Magic Circle”?

Your “Magic Circle” is a set of your contacts who may be able to help you in your job search in various ways – for example by providing insider information about organizations in your target list of companiers and by introducing you to other more influential contacts.

As you continue to enlarge your Magic Circle you would be surprised by the different ways people can help – even people whom you had earlier dismissed as not being relevant to your job search!

Don’t worry about remembering all the definitions in this page. As you step through your app these activities will be easily accomplished.