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Starting Over at 50

My name is Renee and I’m starting my life over at the age of 50 (soon to be) thanks to poor health. I recently found out that I have COPD (though I only had one cigarette, go figure) and I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (which I have been dealing with my whole life).

I always loved reading and a friend suggested I try getting a career as a book reviewer. Unfortunately, that is hard when you don’t have experience, so I started blogging to work on my writing skills and meet new people. I read anything about Christianity, but lately I’ve been hooked on paranormal stories, especially cozy mysteries.

I am wishing I had started blogging a long time ago, but I only knew what it was a few years ago. I’ve met a lot of great people this way, and even got to do an interview with one of my favorite TV writers, he even talks to me on twitter. I thought that was so cool.

I just recently found out about guest posts, so I was hoping to find ways to do that. 

Thank you.