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Artist & Solopreneur, Tim Evans Creates A Feast For Your Eyes

As I entered the lobby of the Liberty Hotel in Boston, my eyes immediately went to the knot of guests clustered around a display of beautiful paintings. I asked the artist – Tim Evans – where he gets inspiration for new paintings. Tim said, “the humanistic element in everyday life appeals to me most”.

Tim’s artwork is a “feast for the eyes” according to one guest who was admiring the paintings on display. It was a rare privilege to meet and speak to an artist whose art work is so widely admired and cherished by collectors.

Tim Evans is a paint and sculpture artist who likes to incorporate mix mediums. Many of Tim’s works include symbolism and messages that provide clues for interpretation.

Tim is based in Westborough, Massachusetts and is a member of the Artists’ Group of Charlestown – Stove Factory Gallery and Studios.

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In Conclusion
Tim Evans is a great example of a solopreneur, blazing a trail of independence powered by his creativity. He is certainly a great example for all budding artists.