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Romance… Push The On Button!

Hi! I am Paul Gaughan, author of “Romance… Push the ON Button.” I am a relationships counsellor and I have also been a paramedic for the last 25 years. I live in Esperance in Western Australia which is on the south coast on the western edge of the Great Australian bight.

I noticed how women were always fascinated with anything romantic. Whether it was the looks and smiles I got from women when I was carrying a bunch of flowers home, whether I was with a woman when walking past a wedding and was made to stop, or thought about the 99.9% female readership when it came to romantic novels.

From there I realized that romance was an actual need for a woman and that men didn’t understand the importance of this in long term relationships. Sure, men knew how to be romantic in the early stages when they were chasing a particular woman, but why did this usually fade out after the chase was over and the relationship aged?

This began my search for understanding and answers to these important subjects and hence the completed book which I called “Romance… Push The On Button! How To Turn Your Man Into A Romantic.”

How do I promote my work? I do presentations and seminars on relationships and romance. I am about to run Facebook adds in the near future. I have a book trailer but have found getting the word out to be an entirely different set of skills and hard work.

At the moment I am concentrating on getting reviews for my book and then I will look at promoting it further.

About Paul Gaughan

Paul Gaughan ASM grew up in the outer western suburbs of Sydney NSW Australia in the 1960’s. He moved to Western Australia in 1975 at 14 and completed his high schooling in Perth Western Australia. For the last 25 years he has been an ambulance paramedic. For the last 7 years he has managed around 80 to 90 volunteer ambulance officers and support staff in the Esperance area of Western Australia. In 2017 Paul was awarded the 2017 volunteer manager of the year award by her Excellency the Governor of Western Australia Kerry Sanderson. Paul was also awarded the Australian Ambulance Service Medal (ASM) in the Australia Day honour’s list of 2016 and also presented this by her Excellency the Governor of Western Australia Kerry Sanderson. In 2013 Paul was awarded the Hero Award by St John Ambulance in recognition of his “courage and exceptional judgement in providing assistance and first aid.”

Some of his experiences as an ambulance paramedic he recalls in his book Romance… Push the on button! In a couple of places he relates experiences from patients in crisis and how personal touch can impact them in amazing ways. Not all of his experiences however are drawn from the area of paramedicine. Paul also has an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy and his counselling experience has led him to write his latest book revealing how the magic of romance is possible in every long term relationship. Paul has a passion for bringing out the potential in people and their relationships. He enjoys presenting seminars and workshops in the areas of relationships and self help. Paul also has a BA in theology and lives in Esperance Western Australia with his wife Sue.

Checkout Paul’s book (ROMANCE… PUSH THE ON BUTTON!: How To Turn Your Man Into A Romantic) on