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Resume Skeleton



Your Address (Snail Mail & eMail), Phone# & Website/blog

  • Most recruiters prefer to call. Make sure your phone has a good voicemail.

  • If you are overseas, then choose a VOIP phone which can give you a number which would be local to the companies you are applying in.


(Alternative titles: Introduction, Professional Objective, Executive Summary, Career Focus, Overview)

Your Profile contains your brand statement and it should give the hiring manager reasons to hire you.


  • You can simply mention your Professional Objective or Elevator Pitch in the profile

  • You can optionally choose to have a longer profile – one paragraph with several sentences.

  • You can also combine your professional objective with a short summary as your “Profile”.


(Alternative titles: Key Skills, Areas of Expertise, Core Strengths )

  • Emphasize skills which are most relevant to the job – look up job advertisement to identify the skills listed as required.

  • Don’t use periods at the end of sentences, use short bulleted phrases

  • Use present tense – Project Management instead of Managed Projects..


(Alternative titles: Awards & Recognitions, Achievements )

  • Use short bulleted phrases

  • Use facts, figures and quantify your accomplishments (eg. Increased customer satisfaction by 73%).

  • List results not duties/responsibilities. Use your accomplishment stories in this section.

  • Use past tense – Managed Projects instead of Project Management.

Professional Experience

(Alternative titles: Work Experience, Experience)

  • Study the advertisement for the job you are applying for – Emphasize experience which relates to those listed in the job advertisement.

  • List quantifid achievements using action verbs – not merely duties.

  • Be very specific.

  • If you can not divulge the name of sensitive projects or names of end clients mention the nature of their business.Give a one sentence description of your previous company.

  • Use reverse chonological order – include all job titles in the same company to emphaszie career progression.

  • For every role – summarize your primary responsibily/acomplishment in a sentence or two in bold before you list all the accomplishemnts for that role.

  • Summarize at the end of every experience for each role – in a sentence or two – what you learned there would help you bring value to the position you are applying for – For example: “Working in the Automation Project in XYZ Co., I learnt the real benefit and cost savings possible through creative solutions.”

  • Do not underestimate the value of experiences gained in personal, entrepreneural and volunteer work. These include your experience as a mother, wife, cook, homemaker, volunteer, citizen committees, dressmaker/sewing, student organisations etc. – These may be helpful in filling up gaps in your employment history.

  • If you have stayed for long time in one company – highlight each level of promotion that you have gone through instead of just listing your last title.

  • Highlight experiences such that they appear progressive in nature – showing how your early experiences laid the foundation for more senior positions.

  • For very long work history – you can summarize some of the earlier experience as: “Roles prior to 2001 included IT Manager, Director of IT and Global Lead DBA”.

  • Review if you need to leave out anything which shows you in poor light.


(Alternative titles: Specialized Training, Certifications, Professional Courses, Accreditations, Professional Development)

  • In addition to formal education, degrees and diplomas – highlight any on the job trainings, online learning, conferences, certifications etc .

  • Highlight awards and other educational achievements (eg First in a class of 90 etc).

  • Do not include GPAs etc unless they are very very impressive.

  • Highlight the higest degrees first.

  • You can optionally choose to split this section into two parts Education (formal education – specially if you have impressive credentials like MBA, Ph.D, MS etc) and Training (specialized courses, on-the-job training, certifications etc).

Additional Information

In this section you can include misc information which does not find a place anywhere else in the resue,

Professional Affiliations:

  • Apprenticeships, membership in professional bodies etc

  • List membership in local civic or business organizations (Chamber of Commerce etc), committes served on, industry groups etc. Specially highlight those which emphasize your organisational and project management capabilities.

  • Emphasize how your involvement and experience in these bodies can help you bring value to the job you are applying for.

Languages: Spanish, Russian, English

Interests: Cross country skiing, Karate.

Volunter & Community Work: Chairman, Toastmasters, NYC Chapter.