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Research Target List

Which Industry To Target ?

Explore your skills with the Skill Profiler
Discover (in about 5 minutes) which occupations & industries employ your skills.

Comprehensive industry information for job seekers in USA.
The “Locate Employer” section lets you find jobs for a group of skills in any area in USA. If you are coming from outside North America, use this website to find north american names for the jobs you do today. Very useful while writing your Professional Objective. Keep in mind the skills listed here for your resume.

Which Companies To Target?

Ask yourself these questions as you read the news:

  • Which large and small companies in your industry and city have aggressive growth plans, mergers and acquisitions, new partnerships and large deals according to news sources?

  • What are other positive changes which would require these companies to hire more people?

Magazines & Websites

Business Week
Search for lists of companies – For example list of most innovative companies, top 100 IT companies, best places to launch a career etc.

Forbes Lists
Use lateral thinking – eg. Top richest men in India – (which company they own?), Best small companies in USA, 100 Best mid-cap stocks etc.

Corporate Information
Use this site to Investigate. For example filter companies based on their 3 year sales growth or by country.

Financial Web
Search for your target companies based on their market performance and fundamentals.

Fortune 500
Check out interesting companies in the F500 list as well as other Fortune Rankings (under “Ranking” tab).

• Visit your local library and ask the librarian for the directories in print which have lists of companies. Clarify that you are not looking for job openings but want information on organizations.

• Speak with your friends, relatives and contacts to get ideas about companies which you could shortlist.

Follow The Money

Which Companies got recent funding (USA only)? Wo are the hottest Start-Ups who may need skilled people?

In your target region, which industries and companies got VC funding ? – PWC Money Tree – Free registration to drill down into company names, email and amount of funding.

The Biz Journal for your target city – Set up a RSS feed to igoogle from your target city’s Biz Journal home page.

AllTop StartUps

Additional Misc Resources

Associations & Directories

US Chamber of Commerce
Check the chambers directory by city and then find members for specific industries.

Local Canadian Chamber of Commerce
If you are not in Canada, search on google to find your local Chambers of Commerce in your country and city.

Gale Directory of Directories
Check the “Free Download” tab for lists of major companies in US & worldwide in different sectors.

SEDAR: Docs Filed By Public Companies

Searching on the internet

List Of Best Business Websites by Industry
“Best of the Best Business Websites” – American Library Association