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Renata Lanzoni, author of the groundbreaking book Shattered Moon

This week Renata Lanzoni, author of the groundbreaking book Shattered Moon, shares her reasons for writing the story and the purpose of there book. She describes why it only took her two months from writing the first line, to publishing the completed book.

What was the inspiration for your book?
I wrote my book in one month and spent the next month editing it and then self published just before Christmas 2018. This not because I’m a seasoned writer, but because the subject treated needed urgent attention. My book, Shattered Moon, is based on a true story. A normal woman, a holiday romance, and the start of a toxic nightmare. What seemed like a perfect romantic relationship, entices the emphatic, caring protagonist in such a way, that soon she is trapped in her lover’s web. A lover who turns into an abusive partner. The early signs were there, but she didn’t recognize them until it was too late.

It is easy to see the red flags from the outside or with hindsight, but so hard when you are living it. And when you become the victim, do you realise what is really happening to you? When you do, do you seek help? Denial, shame and isolation keep victims trapped into abusive relationships.

I wanted my book to serve on different levels. Highlight the first signs that a relationship could be turning toxic before victims are too involved. Showing victims that they are not alone, they are not going crazy, and that there is a way out. Life after the abuse can be so happy. There is help out there and as much as leaving a toxic partner is incredibly hard, it can be done. I also wanted to highlight the issue for friends and family of victims who might not recognize the signs or might not understand why their loved one doesn’t just walk away.

So many people are abused by the person they love. It is time this issue was highlighted and openly discussed.

Proceeds from this book are devoted to a wonderful charity, that does an incredible job at helping abused girls, giving them safety, love and hope.

Tell us a bit about your plans for the next few months or years
I’m now working on Shards of the Moon. This is a compendium to Shattered Moon. It covers the basic of narcissism and narcissistic abuse. The ins and outs of what happens in these relationships and why. It is also the detailed diary of the protagonist of Shattered Moon.
In my new book I give a candid report of the different incidents that happen daily to the victims of abuse. The ups and downs, the misery and sporadic joys that keep the victim hooked.

I’m also working on a fiction book. But that might take a little longer.

Tell us about some challenges and interesting incidents from your creative life
Shattered Moon was a bit a spur of the moment. I worked with a tiny budget and had to learn all by myself. The writing was the easy part. Editing and proofreading were things I had to do mostly by myself and it took the longest time, especially as English is not, sticky speaking, my first language. The hardest part, however, is the marketing. This is something I am new at, and don’t particularly enjoy. I am glad there is help on the internet and I am grateful to have found Zavesti.

What inspires you?

As it is a true story, the main inspiration for Shattered Moon was what happened. The fantastic work carried out by the charity I support via the book was another massive boost of inspiration.

I am a bookworm and would read anything and everything, so over the years hundreds of writers planted seeds in my head. I hope I can do the same to some of my readers.

How do you promote your work?
I am at the very early stages of marketing, so I am just travelling a bit blind at the moment. Generally, however, word of mouth seems to be the most effective at right now, as I still have a very limited public reach.

What is the best advice you ever heard?
Just do it!

What are some of your favorite tools?
I am not very technical or imaginative, so I just use Microsoft Word.


Additional Remarks
You can find my book on Amazon and on Goodreads.