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Rapid Readiness for Smart Search (Job Hunt)

  • Define your professional objective

  • Create a short Elevator Pitch – This is your value proposition which explains why you are specially suitable for the work defined in your professional objective.

  • Build your target list of industries in which you have experience.

  • List atleast 20 companies which may have the jobs you are looking for.

  • Study these companies so you know more about them.

  • Create your magic circle – make a list of contacts who can help you. These are personal as well as professional contacts.

  • Ask your contacts about the company they work for, organizational structure in these companies and other people they can introduce you to.

  • Expand your network by joining linkedin groups, participating in industry seminars and volunteer community work.

  • Adopt a three pronged approach of searching for jobs – through job boards (monster, indeed etc), recruiters and social media (linkedin, twitter).

  • Make sure your linkedin profile is updated, you have an updated copy of your resume.

  • Measure your progress (number of mails sent, new opportunities found and contacts spoken with) everyday to ensure you keep on track.