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Rachel Unwin’s Scifi/fantasy novel “Proxy”, a galactic adventure!

I am an author living in Tasmania, Australia with my two children. I’ve always been the black sheep of the family and I like it that way. Who wants to be normal? I have OCD, which I’ve learned to live with, and a mother with multiple personalities, which I couldn’t live with. I hate wearing shoes and I’ve never been drunk, not even tipsy. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was ten and had a short story published and I prefer dogs to humans.

My book, “Proxy” has been 20 odd years in the making. I first came up with the protagonist when I was a teenager and wrote the first chapter. I was inspired but what I hate most in the world; lying. Over the next 20 years, I rewrote the first chapter more times than I can count and was never satisfied. Then I fell sick with a mysterious illness that had me bed bound for years. To stop my brain from turning to mush (and to stop my kids from driving me crazy with “write it, Mum”), I decided it was time to try and write the whole book. I always thought writing it would be the hardest part but it flowed so easily and quickly, I had it done in two months. Of course, I then spent a year editing but have finally self-published on Amazon.  

Since I’m a poor, struggling author, the only promotional avenues I have are either free or very, very cheap. I’ve had facebook ads running since I published and have featured in a few blog interviews as well as a radio interview with Brain “The Hammer” Jackson on his show. I’ve made a few sales but nothing to squee about. Not having the money to promote myself is a real detriment.

I am currently working on the second book in the Proxy series. Granted, it’s all in my head at the moment but I can’t put it down on paper till it makes sense in my head. I only really read scifi and fantasy books but the only way they really inspire me is to write what I haven’t found. What I mean is, I write to fix the problems and holes I see in most scifi and fantasy novels. My favourite authors are Jean M Auel, Raymond E Feist and Melanie Rawn.

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