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Professional Objective Cheatsheet

  • Be Specific: The more precisely you can define your professional objective – what kind of job you want – the more focused your job search project becomes.

  • Keep It Simple: Be short, clear and precise. Ideally, your objective should comprise of one to three creative and descriptive sentences.

  • Scope: The scope of your professional objective should not be too small, nor too broad.

01. Examples Of Well Written Professional Objectives:

• Titles of well known professions could be great professional objectives – eg. -“Oracle DBA”, “Telemarketing”, “Nurse”.

• Your professional objective could also decribe a group of titles – “Mechanical Engineer”, “Logistics”, “IT Management”.

• Identify areas of strength and interest within your profession. eg. “Sales Manager – Sales tracking, Market Research, Report Preparation”.

• Show experience and expertise by using words like ‘executive’, ‘senior’ etc. eg. “Executive Vice President – Business Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions”.

02. Examples Of Poorly Written Professional Objectives:

Vague : “I want a stable, well paid job in a large company.”

Too narrow : “HR job in pharmaceutical industry selling flu vaccines.”

Too broad : “I’m looking for a management job.”

Avoid cliches : “Seeking, challenging, obtaining, potential for growth and advancement. “