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Old age they say is a state of mind and if you don’t mind boy do I have a story for you

My name is Jean Lant and I’m a retired married woman who is currently living in Texas.

My husband Rick and I have incredible blended family which we proudly refer to as the reversed “Brady Bunch”. I have 3 Sons and Rick has 3 Daughters, together we have 10 grandchildren. 

I started my writing adventures when I worked for CNI Newspapers (as the receptionist) in the 90’s.  At that time the company was a based in Wauwatosa which is a suburb of  Milwaukee, WI. Plus the main office was in Oak Creek, WI where all the printing was done.

I did fluff stories and also enjoyed writing play and movie reviews.  In addition I also did a lot of ghost writing for my daughter’s Master of Social work degree. 

The writing of Redemption My father’s Story is a different type of story.   The middle of the book is taken from a manuscript that I was to finish with my Dad.  His illness got the best of him and we didn’t get that chance.  When he died, my Mom gave me the manuscript and I created a story around my dad’s story of Dismas, the good thief from biblical stories.  I found a way to have my main character Samuel’s life mirror the life of Dimas. 

The greatest part of my story is that I have no formal training as a writer.  However I am in the process of having my second book “Bag Ladies” (inspired by true life events I lived through) currently in page design process.  Bag Ladies is the first story in a trilogy I am writing. The second one “Cook’s Book’s” is also based on true life events I experienced working as a travel agent.  Now that’s going to have some fun stories too.  The third book in my series is TBD.

It’s so exciting that, because I wanted to, I found a way to write and be published. 

I have adopted a saying; always enjoy the journey.  I believe that to be the best advice ever.  My mother would always say, “Oh dear, bread and beer if I was single, I wouldn’t be here.  So, the moral of my story is, if I hadn’t done that (all of my past), most likely I wouldn’t be here.  The journey has created the best life I could ever life.  Thanks for caring enough to read this. 

Don’t forget to share a smile along the way with everyone you meet.

PS I consider myself a great story teller but one of the world’s worst editors.

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