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New & Rewarding Career Paths In India

Have You Thought Of These Careers?

•  Nutritionist

•  Physical Therapist

•  Sales & Customer Support

•  Teaching (esp in vocational schools)

•  Hospitality Careers – Chefs & administrative services

•  Interior Designer

•  Real Estate Agent


As the population explodes, so does the the number of students in India. According to J. B. Prakash, a recruiter based in Gurgaon, his agency is deluged with requests from private colleges, vocational & professional training institutes (which produce ready-to-hire employees) and schools.

Apart from jobs for the teaching staff; there is a corresponding increase in demand for office clerks, administrative employees, managers for the various institutes and sales personnel.

Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Healthcare

Many drug companies are now opening up manufacturing plants in India creating jobs in quality management, sales and R&D.

Similarly, health care industry is set to boom for a long time as evident from increasing headcount and continued salary increases. Expansion of hospital facilities and new hospitals, specialty healthcare, increase in health insurance facilities and the popularity of medical tourism – all guarantee a good career in this industry for job seekers.

Auxiliary sectors like nutritionists, physical therapists (chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists) and alternative medicine are seeing a surge in jobs as well.

Engineering & Manufacturing

This includes auto companies, engineering companies (like EIL) and makers of household appliances, such as microwaves, TV and washing machines.

Believe it or not, this is the second hottest sector after IT. The auto makers are expecting to grow at the rate of 20%+ till 2020.

Supporting industries like IT services to engineering, customer service and support, car mechanics and dealership all have many openings for job seekers.

Careers in Retail

“I’m seeing a dramatic increase in demand from my retail customers”, says Mohan Jaiswal of of J. J Consulting in Mumbai. The demand is not only for shop associates and sales people but also for shop managers and accountants. Many of these jobs serve as a launch pad for those wanting a sales job in the blue-chip companies.

Construction and Real Estate

India continues to invest in infrastructure – new bridges, offices, apartment buildings and private residential homes mean more jobs for home builders, architects, interior designers and real estate agents.

Last But Not Least

We continue to see more job openings in the following areas in India – Handicraft, Banking & Insurance, Energy Generation, Oil & Gas, Hospitality & Travel, Management Consultancy, Social Service/Non-Profit and Public Relations.