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New Immigrant Checklist: Australia

“We’re a wierd mob,” says Jamshed who is a second generation Australian. “But what a darn nice mob!”, his friend Lily exclaims.

The parents of Jamshed and Lily immigrated from India and China respectively in the late eighties and Australia has proved to be everything they expected. Australia has given them a higher quality of life than they would have had in their home country – coupled with hard work.

All the information you need to get started in Australia is really available online from Australian government agencies or different websites. All you need to know is ‘what to search for’. Here is a fairly comprehensive checklist which will help you plan your immigration to Australia.

A 12 Point Checklist For New Immigrants In Australia

1. Immigration Planning: Immigration rules, different types of visa (skilled workers, family migration, humanitarian migration, employee nomination scheme, business skills migration, holiday working visa), application points, application fees, custom rules on arrival in Australia, duty free allowances, embassy registration.

2. Settling In: Accommodation, rented accommodation, buying a house/apt, public transport (buses, trams, ferries, timetables/maps, taxi rates), utilities, shopping for less, china markets, furniture, essential household goods, customer rights, return policies.

3. Communication: Postal Services, telephone companies and telephone directories, emergency numbers, phone bills, international calls, internet connection, fax, television cable providers.

4. Education: Schools, colleges, private vs public education system, vocation schools (DETYA- Dept of Education, Training And Youth Affairs, TAFE- Technical And Further Education), Govt vocation schemes, internship and apprenticeships.

5. Your Own Vehicle: Car insurance, gas prices, driving license, traffic accidents scenarios, auto mechanics, importing your own car.

6. Health Care: Health Insurance , dental insurance, medicare, services for disabled, opticians, dentists, pregnancy care, health benefits from employers.

7. Retirement Planning & Savings: Centrelink , Social security, retirement planning, different types of insurance (building, health, automobile), insurance companies and their rates.

8. Money Matters: Transferring funds/money, Australian dollar exchange rate, opening an account, credit card requirements, taxes (income, propery, capital gains, business), cost of living in different cities.

9. Recreation: Having fun, parks, community centers, bars, nightlife, Australian food, vegetarian restaurants, popular sports

10. Potpourri: Becoming a citizen, crime rate in different cities, climate and weather, clothing at different times of year, legal system, military service, marriage, police, time difference, tips, toilets in public places, leaving Australia yet preserving your temporary resident permit, geography and brief history, main cities.

11. Work, Jobs, Career – I: Average salaries, top cities for finding jobs, top employers/companies, most common jobs (requirements, certifications needed, average salaries, ‘National Office Of Overseas Skills And Qualifications’ (NOOSR), conversion of qualifications, recognition of trade skills), vacations, working hours, work from home, flexible working hours, unemployment insurance, layoff scenarios (unemployment insurance – govt & private, packages, worker contracts) racial discrimination, working illegally.

12. Work, Jobs, Career – II: Government help in finding jobs (Centrelink services, office addresses, Jobsearch, department of Employment Workplace Relations & Small Business, employment agencies, newspapers, job boards, careers and professions, temporary jobs on farms (sheep farms, fruit picking).

Choice Words
In Australian English

  1. Jumbuck: Sheep
  2. Digger: Soldier
  3. Bush: Any wooded area
  4. Larrikin: A hoodlum
  5. To barrack: To make fun of
  6. Barney: Dispute
  7. Drongo: Stupid
  8. Grouse: Good, nice
  9. Good on you: Sarcastic way of complimenting
  10. Wowser: An obstinate fanatic
  11. Willy-Willy: Storm
  12. Shivoo: Clubbing, party
  13. Ratbag: Wierd guy
  14. Ropeable: Angry, annoyed
  15. Ropeable: Angry, annoyed
  16. Picnic: A real mess
  17. To skite: Lying, boasting
  18. Tucker: Food
  19. To jack up: Abandon
  20. To Chyack: Tease
  21. Humpy: A small building