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Must Have Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Templates: Download Free At-a-Glance Planners

What’s the greatest challenge in running your blog or YouTube video?

Writing a blog post is perhaps the easiest thing in the world of blogging. The millions of related activities, like optimizing posts with keywords and marketing your post in the social network, are so easy to forget.

Blog Calender Templates: Simple & Practical

We interviewed many authors, YouTubers and bloggers and came up with the Zavesti Content Calendar templates which we share in this post. The templates are designed to be beautifully simple. You don’t need complex planners which box you in a pre-defined structure.

Use these templates to organize your blog activities over the next weeks, months and the year. Having a content marketing planner helps you think ahead such that you remain focused and successful.

How to Use The Templates?

The templates are available as a PDF files.

Download each file and print it out. Fill it up. Then after one week, brainstorm your filled template with a few trusted friends. Ask them for their feedback. Print another copy of the template with your final version.

Later on, if you need to make adjustments, feel free to cross out certain things and add new ones.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

I have found greatest success through work which required huge effort but zero stress. How can a work requiring massive effort not stress you out?

When you enjoy some work, you won’t get panic attacks from sweating through a lot of hours. That’s why it is important not to get wrapped up in blogging as a grave and gloomy endeavor. The whole point of your journey is to make you happy.

Have fun. Think of ways to make your journey as fun. Your audience will love you when they see you having fun. A smile is infectious!

When filling out the templates, use different colored inks to keep things feisty! Talk to your audience about finding Zavesti templates and how you use them. Make a video about your blogging goals or goals for your YouTube channel. Share your goals written out in the template with your audience.

After 30 days, make a video about what you have accomplished and the challenges you face. After 60 days, write a post or create another video about things you have learned and are learning on your video or blogging journey.

Right there you have cool ideas for your video or blog! Enjoy your journey. You will discover that the journey is as exciting as accomplishing your end results.

Happy blogging and vlogging!

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